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USASexGuide Review

I don’t care what the hell you’re traveling for. Whether you travel for work or just to relax, it’s a must to have someone you can befriend and who can guide you through the city. Instead of a tour guide, how about USASexGuide?

That’s right! An escort will do. With an escort, you can enjoy the best of both worlds– the tour guide in the streets and the freak in the sheets.

Given that, in some places, beautiful escorts lure potential customers on the sidewalks, typically in front of their bars. But it could get tiring to scout for the perfect escort when you’re experiencing jet lag. If that is your scenario, you may utilize the assistance of a USA Sex Guide.

Welcome to USASexGuide!

Displaying the forum before anything else sounds like a good idea for adult websites. In that case, we can somehow avoid shock to the other people, especially for those who never intended to enter such a site.

So yeah, the first thing that USA Sex Guide displays is their forum. There’s just shit ton of stuff you might want to read, but in my case, I immediately clicked on the button that led me to the main show. Apparently, the format or the whole site itself reminded me of a phone directory. The ads look old, as well.

At the top part, I found these seven different buttons, and one of them is the photo gallery. I tried clicking on it because I felt like I needed to take a look at the girls per state. I also tried clicking on sugar babies.

Each time I click on a button from that section, I would get redirected to a different tab, but unfortunately, my browser wouldn’t allow me for some reason. I didn’t push through, though. I don’t want to get my computer into any trouble. But if this tickles your mind, you may create an account and see it yourself.

Signing up and navigation

Like Erotic Monkey and Eccie, USA Sex Guide features a membership function that allows users to sign up for free. It’s required before you can make a comment or reply to a thread. Every user has a member profile as well, but for some reason, it’s almost completely ineffective. The girls here don’t have their own profile, either.

The data on USA Sex Guide is entirely contributed by users, allowing you to connect with locals before or after your trip. The identical threads are available in every major city in the country. And, as you might expect, the amount of activity they have is proportional to the city’s scale.

Going further through USASexGuide

Each city has the following sub-threads: Backpage Advertiser Reviews, Escort Reports, Streetwalker Reports, Massage Parlor Reports, Rip Off Reports, Strip Club Reports Escort Classified Ads – Posted by Escorts – No Reviews or Commentary, Craigslist Advertiser Reviews, General Reports, and Escort Classified Ads are among the other options. General Discussion, Adult Search Advertiser Reviews (Sponsored by Adult Search), News and Media Reports, Truck Stop Reports, and USA Adult Classified Ads: Advertiser Reviews are all worth checking out.

Users can establish their own threads in addition to all of the preset threads for a certain city if a query, review, or report does not fall into one of the categories in the complete list I just gave you. These are classified as “User Blogs” by USA Sex Guide, however, that is a mistake.

In this part, people are not “blogging” at all. They’re simply making a post that, on most forums, could just as easily be filed away in a thread titled “General Discussion.”

Final words

Among all the sites I’ve reviewed, this one is the most confusing, uncomfortable to use for me. It’s inconvenient. It’s missing so much and you can tell by the looks of it that it badly needs an update.

I couldn’t even figure out how the fuck am I going to book some hookers here. I mean, it won’t even let me take a look at what kind of girls they offer. Oh well, I’m assuming that some escorts here might look as old as this site does.


Pros vs Cons

  • Huge local directory
  • Active community
  • Large array of threads
  • Outdated site design
  • Not user-friendly to navigate

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