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MeetInChat Review

Virtual hookups? Online dates? Random fuck buddies? Why don’t we MeetInChat?

Pun intended there as it’s an actual website I’m talking about. This adult chat site is a free-to-use platform where you can connect with hundreds of thousands of people and hopefully find your match.

It’s more of a chat site rather than a dating site though but mind you, this might be a place you ought to go to for a good jerk!

Signing up for MeetInChat

There are a bunch of upsell scams that adult sites do with their memberships but at least this one is optional. But of course, you’ll miss on some premium features though.

The point here is that you won’t be able to consider this an actual hookup site despite the adult-related affiliations. How about creating chat rooms as you do with Discord? That way you get to connect with some of the members and have a chat orgy if that makes sense!

Good enough web design

The site design isn’t that shitty really. In fact, it’s pretty modern which can suit anyone who likes some light in their life. As for me, personally, I’d wait for the dark mode!

Once you’ve signed up, you will now be asked to pick a gender and a welcome message. I suggest for you to do it like you do on your Tinder profile so that you can establish teasing intentions on the onset.

Community-building is key

If you are running an adult chat site, it’s a good strategy to keep your visitors engaged. That includes blog posts and reviews from the users themselves which to be honest, look quite biased. It seems like the admins intentionally hid it if there were bad comments on the site.

But at least you still get a good community of online members and even create a room of your own if you want a possibly orgy if all parties want to be that sexual.

I say you can even take things up a notch with a one-on-one cam chat. That’s only if you two agree to some cybersex to keepp things adult-related.

What else to check out?

I can enumerate a bunch of other things to check out for but it’s pretty much it. There are even some areas where you don’t get as much as a username. Way to go with the mystery, eh?

Maybe more admins and a bunch of other sophisticated signup features can fix that. Especially since MeetInChat has been up for quite some time now. Some empty rooms just need to be deleted because users can create new ones anyway,

Final thoughts

I just like the randomness of MeetInChat. it’s pretty much a forum-type adult site with some decent following. You can even play around with some horny fucks and exchange pics like in a nude subreddit.

Mind you, people may get more interactive here than other sites with the same niche. It’s a good thing considering there’s inflation when it comes to chatting rooms because there are plenty of empty ones.

If you want some suggestions out of me, I’m going to give you teen and college chat rooms because that’s where things get wild often. Just don’t be that creep that preys on them.

The bottom line is that is a place where random interaction can get a bit horny. If you’re tired of fapping to cam girls and porn stars, this might be a good alternative if you really can’t control yourself.

How about we indeed meet in chat? The site is open and I’m waiting right this very moment!

Pros vs Cons

  • Free to use!
  • A plethora of chat rooms to join
  • Not much ad interruptions
  • Lacks admin moderation

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