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ChatRandom Review

How spontaneous can you be? Well, if you want to take that to an adult chat site, then you might as well try ChatRandom!

It all starts with anonymous innocence until it escalates to exhibitions and voyeur. When chatting with people anonymously online, you might as well become sexually involved with each other, right?

Truth be told, it isn’t really meant to be that way. It’s actually the website’s leniency that allows such actions to occur under their domain. Well, the element of mystery works just as well so let’s get things started!

Welcome to ChatRandom

Since I have a webcam and I love literal online dates over social media video calls, I decided to give this ChatRandom thing a try. Mind you, I don’t have anything bad to say about it at the beginning. I just doubt if it was meant to be an adult site though.

Well, I enjoyed interacting over webcam but it was pretty awkward though to jerk off in front of a non-entertainer, to be honest. it can be quite a challenge though to get these chicks titty flashing on cam especially since they are just as regular as you and me.

To be fair though, things can get kinky really quick if you play your cards right.

Got game?

The thing about is that since there are probably millions of regular people using this platform, not all want hookups and dates. I don’t know though if I was just unlucky but I got nexted tons of times just because I started doing them dirty.

Just because you got game, that doesn’t mean you are going to score here. But mind you, it’s a good place to meet new people especially if you are tired of the generic nature of dating sites. That’s because it gives you a chat experience like no other!

Check out the ChatRandom rooms

It’s more like a roulette-type thing rather than chat rooms. Still, you are presented with quite some options here.

The actual rooms are supposed to be to depict a certain niche like dating, singles, and even genders! I personally enjoyed college because you know people go there for parties and hookups more than to study.

One thing though is that you can’t use the chat with girls section unless you are a premium member. How else is a site as good as this going to earn if your cheapskate won’t pay?

Filter out a bunch of options

You get to filter things out upfront. That means if you are pretty much localized into what suits your taste and desires. The more advanced filters are to be paid for though.

It’s either 19.99 a month or 6.99 a week to take things a little more exclusive in terms of adult chats. Pretty steep price for a random chat roulette, right?

This is adult entertainment. No room for cheapskates because people put their bodies on the line for you! Well, since its the format is like a roulette, it can be a game of luck at times.

A downside for dudes

How random can this adult webcam chat site be? There’s a chance that you are getting fellow dudes despite filtering out your options. It’s more of a downside for us because not all wants a sausage fest.

Girls will love this because chances are, all girls won’t mind kissing fellow girls but guys? Good luck if all straights are secure enough to kiss a fellow. Let alone, be voyeuristic with intents!

I as well ran into this dude who was in the middle of his on-cam ejaculation. I even watched and laughed before moving onto the next one LOL!

Mobile optimization

If you are subscribed to mobile data for the sole reason to enjoy adult entertainment on the go, you might appreciate this platform as well because it has a mobile app as well!

This free app works just as well as the desktop site and you can take things randomly anywhere you want! Heck, you can even do a four-way chat if you want to!

Final thoughts

I just liked the spontaneity that ChatRandom gives. In fact, I can even use this site even if I’m not feeling horny. Sometimes it can also be a pressure-free way to vent out frustrations because chances are, these people don’t care and won’t remember it the next day if you cry your heart out!

Just filter things out upon landing and you might get the best chat experience of your life! You even get the chance to get your virtual soulmate on the other side of the earth be it Europe or Asia!

The bottom line here is to keep things random. There’s a bunch of options for you which is good training to have that abundance mindset that will change your game!

Pros vs Cons

  • A whole lot of chat rooms
  • Free sign up
  • Meet new people online
  • Male-dominated
  • Costly subscription
  • Mobile version needs improvement

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