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Coomeet Review

If the wholesome side of the live video chatting culture isn’t good enough, why not try spicing things up with the adult side of things at Coomeet?

Regardless of whether the user is a man or a woman, taking advantage of the chances is inevitable. Therefore, live video chats are also used to satisfy sexually deprived people’s urges. 

CooMeet is no different. Just a little more sophisticated in some aspects. I mean, look, CooMeet’s best offers are high-quality video (even with turtle net!), excellent moderation, and no bots allowed. Entertaining talks on whatever topic you desire is a bonus. 

Landing on Coomeet

I’m impressed that CooMeet’s landing page is safe for work. Unlike the rest of the cheap video chatting sites, this one doesn’t look malicious or sus. It doesn’t have these girls with huge pairs of tits popping out your screen or some gif with porn games claiming “you won’t last five minutes playing this game”.

CooMeet looks decent and highly funded. Funny enough, it looked more of a dating site instead of a live video chatting medium! Although it could function as both.

You may scroll down the page if you want to know more about the site. I must say that the information provided is just some basic things that you might want to know about CooMeet. Just some kind of introducing their significant features. 

Signing up for the site

I’d say CooMeet is inclusive because, upon registration, it asks if the user is a man or a woman. Meaning, its doors are also open for whatever gender despite its landing page to be more appealing to the male audience. It assures that the user is within the age of 18 and up, as well. 

This site is paid to get access to its best features. But for those who only want to know what’s behind the curtains may click the button saying you may test it for free without signing up.

It isn’t that expensive compared to the other subscription-based sites. But I think I have to warn at this point because it could get addicting and squeeze every cent in one’s bank soon enough. 

To name the prices, you may have premium access for $5/month, $9/3 months, or even a 3-day trial for a couple of bucks (well, 3 days, 11 minutes, and 20 messages to be exact). 

If you’re a thirsty hardcore simp who needs to refill your minutes, there is a Buy Minutes button. Six hours will set you back $100, which is the lowest option. You may pay $2 for ten minutes if you’re broke and desperate. 

One must remember that when terminating your premium account, you must contact the company by email. Kind of a hassle, I know. 

The CooMeet Experience

Before you can begin searching, you must give the site access to your webcam and microphone, which sounds reasonable. Besides, the ladies you’ll encounter here are most likely to appear decent and clothed. It’s not like they’re just there to open legs and serve you some roast beef. Therefore, it’s fair that the entertainers get to see the user, too.

CooMeet is not your average dating site/live chat site. As mentioned above, it’s somewhat sophisticated and I mean it; sex thrills are slow, users have to look appealing, and exert efforts to make the girl flash herself or smile at least! 

Final Thoughts

I must say that what makes this site refined is that it’s not completely about cybersex. Unlike Omegle and such, CooMeet is more likely about “socializing with hot girls with a little to no malice on the side”. 

The price structure is very perplexing, but the site does offer lots of opportunities to talk it up with attractive ladies. It’s essentially Chatroulette but in a more chat-friendly setting. It’s totally up to you and the girl you’re chatting with what you manage to achieve in such an atmosphere.

Pros vs Cons

  • Verified profiles
  • Growing membership base
  • Connect with multiple women
  • Stingy free trial
  • Can be quite costly

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