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Omegle Review

Do you love random adult chats? I sure do! Especially when we are talking about Omegle here!

I chanced upon this website that wasn’t really meant to be an adult chat site. It’s more of a roulette-style one where you can bounce around chatmates if you ain’t vibing a lot.

There’s no harm or sex intended with some but for others? They just happen to establish their intentions!

While I can’t vouch for others when it comes to their Omegle experience, here’s what I got to say!

Not a good first impression

I’m going to be blunt with saying that the site didn’t give me a good first impression. But to be fair, I didn’t know what Omegle was all about back then so I had a prejudice of aesthetics.

But opinions change and as I knew this chat site’s peg, I definitely changed my opinions about it! I suddenly rushed to get my webcam and see what’s all the fuzz about with Omegle here.

I can compare it to ChatRandom but this one is more random because you straight up get brought to random cams looking for fun.

Not all are sexual though

I made it a game to goad as many chicks as possible into webcam sex. Some of them are even doing Omegle while they are eating so fuck them!

Kidding aside, I got enough game to pull it off. I know when to be casual and when to be sexual. From that, I could say that it might be a healthier and more interactive alternative to Bumble and Tinder.

Luckily, my webcam wasn’t nexted a lot. If it were, that’s because it was dudes on the other end! Still, it’s a healthy place to view and interact with random people around the world.

Just because you got game, that doesn’t mean you are going to score here. But mind you, it’s a good place to meet new people especially if you are tired of the generic nature of dating sites. That’s because it gives you a chat experience like no other!

A plethora of thirsty dudes

Mind you, there’s a bunch of thirsty dudes thinking they can hook up online through this site. While it’s true that it happens, you need to pull off your A-game to do so!

It’s up to you if you want to turn things into a full-on adult chat site but be prepared to be nexted though if the other end ain’t vibing. I for one chose to flip switches.

That said, I can suggest that you establish your intentions on the onset and be the one to switch the cam instead of wasting time if you ain’t gonna vibe.

Check the mobile app

The Omegle app is pretty much the same as the website. Some prefer the higher pixels of their phone to elaborate their features so it’s good to have a mobile version.

I personally dwelt more on the mobile app because I was on the go when a friend told me about this Omegle thing. In fact, I did it with her at first which is why I had an idea how horny the dudes can get.

Just be sure you have enough mobile data if you are bored and waiting somewhere. I can even consider using this app while I’m lining up in the doctor’s office!

Final thoughts on Omegle

Random adult chat roulettes are starting to grow on me. Perhaps it might be wise to take a break from some of my premium porn subscriptions since I have enough games to pull off interactive sex on Omegle anyway.

One thing to watch out for though are trolls. There’s a chance where you are in the middle of a climax fap session and the other end switches and you are met with an oblivious girl on the other end.

To summarize things up, it’s better to fish here than to use it as an actual adult entertainment platform. At least dirty talks will be good enough.

Pros vs Cons

  • Thrilling chat roulette format
  • Good quality cam interaction
  • Free to use!
  • Site design can use improvement
  • Too many males
  • Watch out for trolls

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