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Rule34Paheal Review

Take a peek at the pornographic business if you’re ever in doubt about humanity’s daring creative spirit. It’s astonishing how far people will push to their imagination’s limit. Brace yourselves as you’ll see some of the most unusual aspects of horniness on Rule34Paheal. 

Rule 34, which simply reads, “If it exists, there is porn of it,” has become a meme. In other words, it’s the notion that, because the world is full of strange and wicked people like yourself, there’s porn of every kind possible. In the words of’s About portion, “There IS porn of it, no exceptions.” 

Welcome to Rule34Paheal

Rule34 is not going to show you their content right away. Their landing page serves as a vestibule that will lead you to the main hall. The first thing you’ll see is this pop-up thing that says 1. This site contains material not suitable for minors; and 2. Cookies may be used. Click here if you’re an adult, and you’re okay with that. After clicking, you’ll see the green background with seven catgirls in it holding random numbers (well, that could be the total amount of contents that the site holds). Under the site’s name, you’ll find Posts, Comments, Tags, Wiki, and Documentation. You may click on Posts so can finally enter the realm of your peculiar kink. 

Signing up and experiencing Rule34Paheal

Everything is free on Rule34Paheal and the only bonus you’ll get when you signed up is access to comment.

Finding what you like may take some time since their tagging system is somewhat hard to navigate. There are also a good amount of cock-sucking ads that consume 20-25% of the page (and they’re kind of big in size and moving so it’s quite distracting). 

I also think there are some changes made, too, because I heard it was once like Multporn wherein you’ll see Disney princes ramming their dicks inside their chick (Ariel and Erick, for example). Now it’s just filled with typical extreme hentai cumdumps.

As a Rule 34 user, you must follow 32 rules in all, which seems like a lot to remember, especially when it comes to the specifics of what kind of information you can publish and how you must submit it. Even if I were a big fan of animated porn, I’m not sure I could keep up with all of this.

Of course, I believe that there should be zero tolerance for child pornography and bestiality, but there are approximately 30 other things to consider that are far less essential. As a result, you should bear this in mind before deciding to join this internet community.

Final thoughts

I must say that this site’s contents are unconventional and wholesome at the same time because it prohibits anything that can be related to pedophilia and bestiality without compromising the crazier side of fetishes.

If I were to compare it to a J-Pop idol, Rule34Paheal is the Kyari Pamyu Pamyu of porn; it’s cute and weird simultaneously cute, weird, and has creepy elements in it. The only difference is that Kyari isn’t as horny and I stan her, while I dislike Rule34Paheal because of its inconvenience.

Hell, it doesn’t even let people rate any of their shit). But hey, not just because my experience was bad it already means yours will be as bad, too!

Pros vs Cons

  • Full of amazing content
  • HD images
  • Creative contributors
  • Can use more community building
  • Plain old-school design

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