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HentaiFoundry Review

Hentai has pretty much been the go-to for us as teenagers when nude human adults aren’t cutting it. That means HentaiFoundry has been the foundation of many when it comes to adult entertainment.

As much as you will hear the words “adult entertainment” a lot from me, it still doesn’t mean it’s actual adults watching on this website. You have to remember that it’s mostly the teens that are a fan of anime and what they look like in the nudest form.

Me, on the other hand just look at it like it’s rule 34. What does that mean? It it has porn, it has to be posted online. In my case, it has to be written about as well.

While there’s an outflow of teenage testosterone excretes, there could also be some for adults like me and you. How? Read this then!

The foundation of pornographic memories

Who among you had cartoon character crushes as a middle school geek? I can speak for a lot of you because I almost fell into that pit if only puberty didn’t hit early.

But I get it. HentaiFoundry isn’t just a way to show you nude images of cartoons, it’s an actual adult site filled with animated breasts and the most creative illustrations of pussies you will ever see.

It’s called a foundry because it speaks about one of the foundations of cartoon cunt. If you’re into online manga, this is something you would appreciate for a night’s fap session.

The site has been up since 2006. That was a time when the digitization of everything is in its early stages. Another testament to HentaiFoundry being called such fast forward 15 years later.

Mind you HentaiFoundry is probably one the biggest archives of cartoon porn on the internet.

Mythical character fantasies? They got you!

If things couldn’t get any more fictional, there’s a ton of mythical characters such as demons and vampires with perfectly round tits. It’s more like a blog site actually as it is a user-run site rather than an investment of a big porn company.

You can even say that the contributors on the site are some bonafide pros! A person who simply knows how to draw couldn’t even do such unless they practice for years.

I browsed around the site in search of nine-tailed fem foxes but unfortunately, I didn’t find any because I felt lazy scanning through 15 years worth of contributions.

If you have fantasies of fucking a witch though, be their guest.

How about some text?

It’s not only pure nudity, aside from the nude illustrations, there are also some erotic reading materials that you may like to consider. I only know of Fifty Shades books but if there’s the next choice to read for erotica, I’m going this route.

The library is pretty extensive and might be exhausting to browse upon. Why? Because all stuff seems good especially as each image came from a human being’s image and likeness.

If you want some hassle-free fapping too, this might be the site you need.

How to find the best hentai

Filtering via category is a huge help. Things can get freaky and since it’s a cartoon, I just couldn’t help thinking about real-life versions of such scenes that are too good to be true.

Some of the categories present are Anime & Manga, Cartoons and Games. I honestly didn’t play the sex games because I’m already on my way out of my play face and switch to playing with women instead.

As much as I love watching pornstars in Harley Quinn makeup, the artists on the site are so good that the cartoon nude drawing version of her is something I fapped 3 pops to.

The sick and sadistic also have options such as incest, bestiality, and even scat! Who would want to watch or see the material of someone literally eating shit? I don’t know.

Creating communities

A foundry is a factory where metal is cast. You need people to work on it and make sure the factory produces and so does a hentai porn site. It has a forums section where communities discuss their innermost anime sex fantasies.

Like hentai’s golden rule which is numbered 34. You must post such cartoon nudity. These people just do that because most of them dream to illustrate for a living. Passion jobs just the goal.

Final thoughts on HentaiFoundry

Are you one in 15 million monthly visitors who consume such naked manga? I am and I probably took a fourth of that number into the site. It’s a cartoon porn site just as much as it is a catalog.

Let’s give credit to where it’s due too because, for a user-run porn site, the interface is pretty neat! All art forms are nicely placed on the page as you scroll to see which naked anime suits your fantasies.

Pros vs Cons

  • Free cartoon porn
  • Active community
  • Unecessary spams

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