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Nhentai Review

nhentai is a self-published Japanese porn site that deals with sexy comics, porn artwork and sketches. This site has an extensive library of manga, hentai, and anime content submitted by users. The site offers classy porn comics, most of them being Japanese. The site is popular, and it is one of the most visited in Japanese porn sites.

You can tell that the site offers some awesome content just looking at their homepage. The site is decorated with some sexy curvy cartoons squirting or getting some dick. Imagine all those wildest fetish fantasies you have ever thought of right there on paper.  nhentai has what is unique in the porn industry. If cartoon porn is your thing, this is the best site for you.

Benefits of nhentai

The good thing about choosing nhentai is that you will never run out of content. nhentai has the best mix of comics, original art, and porn sketches. nhentai has tons of comic porn right there on their site. Their number of web galleries is something around 150,000 pages full of cartoon porn. The site is updated with fresh and sexier content on a daily basis.

These tones of comic work come in manga, which is a Japanese style. nhentai also has tons of parodies alongside original pieces of work. This gives you a variety to choose from so that you can satisfy your fantasies when it comes to comic porn.

Best Comic Porn

nhentai host comic pictures only. The content is updated daily and comes in some good quality that is guaranteed to make you feel whatever you are looking at.  You will have plenty to choose from once you get to this awesome site. nhentai lacks videos or any gifs. It is dedicated entirely to comic porn, making it one of its kind in the porn industry.

Although originally content on this site is authored in Japanese or mandarin characters, you will find some content with English translations. This will better your experience if you get to read some plot. However, lacking translations won’t affect your experience here. Those comics are damn hot, and you can make out a plot from the flow of the art as you enjoy the experience.

Well-Designed Site

nhentai has a well-designed site for porn comics. The pages are interactive and easy to use with a simple layout. This simplicity helps you narrow your focus to the awesome content offered there. There are no complicated pages with confusing layouts here. Everything is simple but cool.

nhentai boasts of a powerful search engine on their site. This helps you locate a lot of stuff you can’t find by scrolling through the tones of pages available on the site. This search engine allows you to search for categories, parodies, types, and artists if you know any in particular.

This site even makes your experience more rewarding and your work easier. The site has a drop-down menu with several items like characters, buttons, artists, tags, parodies, helpful info, and groups. The sections also have A-Z options, which helps you quickly find what you want. Filters are also available and make your search a little bit faster and effective.

Rare Porn Niches

nhentai offers rare niches when it comes to porn. These unique fetishes are hard to find on many porn sites. Niches such as incest, monster porn, and shameless urination are just a few among the many other nhentai offers. I am sure you haven’t even heard some of these niches. The niches feature some wild nudity that will thrill you.

Creating an account is absolutely free. The account creation is simple and will take a few minutes. With an account, you get to do more. With an account, you can personalize your experience by selecting a theme that works for you. You can also blacklist some tags and save some content you don’t want to look for again.

nhentai allows you to chat with other cartoon porn lovers on the site.  You can post comments and start a discussion over some of their uploaded content on the website. Their comics come with a comment section that can be used for the purpose mentioned above.


  • An extensive collection of manga and hentai content
  • Well-designed sleek website
  • No ads
  • Works well with phones


  • Some features require users to have a free account

Bottom Line

Well, nhentai can’t be compared to any comic porn website that offers cool manga hentai content. You should take advantage of their vast library of sexy comic art, which is offered for free. This is that site you just want to keep visiting to see the new updates posted there.

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