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HypnoHub Review

A girl losing consciousness while getting fucked is undeniably hot and kawaii at the same time. Mind you, this is not necessarily raping. You might just be under the control of HypnoHub!

HypnoHub is a Danbooru-style discussion forum dedicated to girls in hypnotic states. It’s all about entranced women getting fucked like there’s no tomorrow. Getting banged the fuck out of your brains could mean you’ve finally reached Nirvana. So, those snowflakes can now sit down and chill the fuck up.

You’ll see a variety of hentai ladies with blank eyes and empty heads, stuck in a bizarre trance where they feel compelled to strip down and rush to the closest dick.

Welcome to HypnoHub

HypnoHub is all about the tags. Each picture contains a plethora of tags, allowing you to do in-depth research into your kink. Why look for mesmerized twat when a blondie hypnotic slut is available? That’s what I’m talking about when I say personalization.

You’ll discover a lot of SFW photos on this site because it’s more about hypnotism than porn. There are a lot of interesting mesmerism photos, such as an anime scientist flaunting his mind control helmet.

Whether it’s spirals, glazed eyes, lifeless bodies, or simple hypnotism tales, the majority of the photographs include any of those hypnotic themes.

Browsing through the site

You’ll be welcomed by a cute anime girl with hypno swirls on her boobs. You can also see that there are about 92,701 posts allocated to this site. Feel free to use the search bar for your tags to sift through all the mess. Links to Posts, Comments, Tags, and the Forum are also available. A little arrow will take you to a complete menu page with more options such as sorting by popularity, browsing, history, Random, and more. You can even look through stuff that has been recently erased from the page.

The gallery will constitute the main body of the site, whether you search or browse. On the left, you’ll notice a number of thumbnails for your search results, as well as common tags to add to your search. You’ll also notice some colors, such as purple text for the series title and green text for character names. When you place your mouse over a thumbnail, you’ll notice some basic information like the rating, tags, title, and uploader.

To get to the main picture viewer, click on an image. Your photo or animated GIF, as well as the comments, will be displayed here. You can also add your own at the bottom of the page.

How good is HypnoHub?

Persona, Disney, Pokémon, and a variety of other games and movies are all beloved here. All of the popular anime series, such as My Hero Academia and Fate, are also available. A surprising amount of the work is of great quality for such a niche interest.

There are also photos with narratives in the HypnoHub archives. To use some of the pictures, these tiny text stories will usually describe a hypnotism story. There are a few comics here as well, but nothing very lengthy.

HypnoHub features a forum as well, albeit it works more like a Chan-style bulletin board that changes according to the last comment.

Final thoughts

This is actually a good alternative if you feel sick of naked bodies, ass-and-tits-focused porn, or if you just really enjoy fully-clothed sluts.

The information here combines a considerable deal of narrative with the actual images. Because the fetish is primarily mental, the story is more crucial to the fap than regular porn. There’s a lot of erotica here with speech or a plot to give it a different spin.

Femsub porn is heavily promoted on HypnoHub. Almost all porn includes female subplots, whether it’s a harem of sex slaves or a single babe’s mental conquest. In addition, HypnoHub has stringent regulations regarding lolicon/shotacon. They are quite intolerant about loli porn and copyrighted stuff here.


Pros vs Cons

  • Great hentai
  • Large gallery
  • Some content are not too edgy
  • No videos

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