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Pururin Review

Pururin greets guests with a wall of anime posters with wide eyes and nice sets of tit, granted that this is hentai. “A free hentai manga and doujinshi reader,” the site claims.

For those who don’t know what a doujinshi is, it’s also a reading material similar to manga but is self-published. Manga is similar to comic books, however, it is produced in Japan. Now l et’s see why Pururin’s assortment of erotic mangas gets millions of visitors. 

Welcome to Pururin

There’s so much going on upon landing on Pururin. There’s a lot to check left and right. It’s something that you might want to check meticulously because first, the texts are somewhat small. Second, everything’s compressed so it could get hard to look at it. When I look at it, I feel like I’m looking for Waldo. But at the same time, it’s a really straightforward design; there’s also a tiny sidebar containing some site news, help issues, top contributors, and a few presently popular photos, in addition to the main wall of images.

Apart from the search bar (where you can search among the 43,917 mangas), you can also see five other tabs for other functions. Scrolling down to the bottom, you’ll find on the right side a small rectangular box listing Pururin’s monthly top ten contributors. Below that list are some popular hentai mangas as of the moment.

The Pururin experience

Although many of them allow the reader to sign up, hentai manga and doujinshi readers are often free. In Pururin, anyone has the freedom to leave a comment using any name or anonymously. While the account holders are allowed to contribute any hentai they want to Pururin’s growing collection. That’s free of charge, by the way. 

Pururin is kind of overwhelming to check. Aside from texts all over the page, the lists are extensive. Come on, it’s confusing the horny visitor. 

As I mentioned earlier, this site holds 43,917 mangas, and now I just found out that it has 29,085 tags that you can arrange according to alphabetical order, artist, character, language, etc. You can also click the browse button to see Pururin’s newest, most popular, highest rated, and most viewed. Forums and Discord are also encouraged by Pururin. 

Storywise, freaks will enjoy the kinky side of Pururin. I’m not talking about banging behind the bookshelves in the library or in an open area. That’s boring. Just to name a few, this site’s bizarre tags include Living Clothes, Urethra Insertion, Selfcest, and Balls Expansion. 

Final words

Pururin isn’t designed for hentai beginners. You can find some interesting things just by browsing, but the comprehensive categories are largely made up of names and phrases that are unfamiliar to the layman. Hentai fans will enjoy it to the fullest. That said, any latently nerdy pervert should be enticed to have a peek at the huge, free library of complete comics.

Its forum is an interesting place but I highly suggest joining Pururin’s Discord channel. Weebs there could help you deal with hentai and guide you as you dig into that thousand of tags and find the perfect manga for you. 

Pros vs Cons

  • Tons of free hentai manga
  • Full versions of comics
  • Downloadable content
  • Can be confusing to the non-hentai fan

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