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Hanime Review

If you’re looking for a page that has the right Hentai videos and games at the same time, you might want to check out With their roster of videos, pictures, and games, you can choose and see for yourself. They would rather think they have 720p/120p HD videos and it helps that these videos and games are downloadable by mobile phones and tablets. 

How It Works

Here are the things that you should do upon going to

• Check out the features above.

• Do not forget to check out the features way below which will send you to more features and links.

• Don’t forget to signup. It’s free.

On the top page of, you will see the following features.

• Home 

• Search

• Sign Up

Nonetheless, the buttons in the feature below are worth noting. Click on the All button located beside the two arrow buttons. 

A Look at the Major Features

So you’ve already clicked the All button. Now you end up seeing certain categories. These include

• Tags

• Brands

• Blacklist

The tags that you choose will match your search. They will narrow down the search and will be your focus. Here are the following tags that you could choose from and provide Hentai videos to suit your viewing pleasure.

• Anal


• Big Boobs

• Bondage

• Censored

• Masturbation

• Milf

• Schoolgirl

• Teacher

• Tentacle

Now let’s look at the brands’ category. It’s one thing to post videos and post the authors or makers of the video. But to use them as tags to make your search easy? That’s another story and that is one way of showcasing good hentai creators and their works. Here are the following brands. 

• Almond Collective

• Blue Eyes

• Chuchu

• Digital Works

• Ebimaru-Do

• Green Bunny

But it doesn’t stop there. You can also click on the categories of those you want to exclude from your search for Hentai videos found in the Filters option. On this category, you can click if

• You do not want the Anal tag.

• You do not want the BDSM tag.

• You do not want the Big Boobs tag.

• You do not want the Bondage tag.

• You do not want the Censored tag.

• You do not want the Masturbation tag.

• You do not want the Milf tag.

• You do not want the Schoolgirl tag.

• You do not want the Teacher tag.

In other words, if you do not want any of these categories in your search for Hentai videos and games, add certain things to the Filters option.’s Most Recent Video Uploads

• Boko to Joi no Shinsatsu Nishi 1 – Posted December 26, 2019, by the Pink Pineapple brand. This video has gained 773,927 views.

• Valkyrie Hazard 1 – Posted December 26, 2019, by the Comic Media brand. This video has gained 174,751 views.

• Kiss Hug 1 – Posted December 26, 2019, by the Queen Bee brand. This video has gained 380,778 views.

What Makes It Different From Other Websites’s tag and filter option stand out from a lot of anime sites. It knows that you, the viewer can be picky and there’s no one-way of enjoying Hentai. It has way too many categories. Not to mention the showcasing of the brands which will demonstrate the art and the skills of many filmmakers. Fans can keep track of them and their recent posts.

Feedback from Other Websites

The website has given a 5 out of 5 ratings. The basis for giving such positive reviews focused on the following.

• The abundance of videos available.

• A media player similar to YouTube.

• High-quality videos.

• The videos are downloadable for mobile phones and tablets

Nonetheless, said that the ads are the only thing that makes rather terrible. 

Social Media and Others is not obscure and remains active in the world of social media.

• Hanime maintains its presence in social media with an official Twitter page.

• Hanime maintains its presence in social media with an official Facebook page.

• Hanime maintains its presence in social media with an official YouTube Channel. 

Websites Similar To Hanime

According to the website the, these are the websites similar to Hanime.

• Hentai Pros

• SAO Game

• Hentai Game

• Hentai.XXX

• Hentai Heros

• ZZCartoon

• HentaiKey

• G6hentai

• CartoonSex

• HentaiFreak

There are 50 other sites mention by


Looking for the right way to enjoy Hentai? Stay with this site. Then enjoy the others. You will see the tags, brands showcased and you can search for the right things you need for your viewing moments. Hentai is the perfect site not just for Hentai lovers but also for newbies who may want to search for specific kinks and fetishes.

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