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Fakku Review

Fakku has unquestionably established itself as the go-to source for hentai beyond the Japanese web pages. The art style differs, but the quality is always at a high standard.

Bondage, stocking, toys, cunnilingus, femdom, and large dick are just a few of the sensual genres covered in comics. There are some unusual genres that you could enjoy if you give them a chance.

As bizarre as the name is, there’s more to what this Japanese porn site actually is. Let’s talk about this hentai platform now, shall we?

What is Fakku?

Certified weebs probably heard of this one but I’m still going to share it for the sake of the newcomers; Jacob Grady, a computer science major, founded Fakku in 2006. The project was originally known as All About Hentai, but after a brief hiatus, it was restored by fan funds and relaunched as Fakku.

Fakku has obtained a streaming license, released remastered versions of iconic hentai, and uploaded entire magazines of English-translated hentai over the years. With all of this content and growth, Fakku has established itself as the world’s leading provider of hentai outside of Japan.

Landing on the site

Fakku’s webpage does no intro. Once you click on it, it will immediately show you some of its free-to-read mangas. The upper part mentions some common categories and when you look right, you’ll find the button to log in/register.

It has some colorful ads on the side, too, but it’s okay. The ads are in HD and look nice but somehow it feels pretty unfair that they still utilize such despite charging you for extra perks. I will understand if it’s still as free as it once was.

Signing up for Fakku

Are you looking forward to being able to take advantage of everything Fakku has to give? After that, all you have to do is create an account. Of course, you must verify that you are not a kid, but after that, safeguarding the account costs only $12.95 each month.

Want to save your favorite hentai to your computer? With their comprehensive e-store, Fakku got you. A digital copy is normally sold for ten dollars, or you can acquire a digital and print version for around twenty bucks.

I think the pricing is a bit high, but it’s not that bad at all (especially if you love collecting such items).  On top of that, you can pre-order hentai ahead of its release.

But for those broke weebs, stop bawling your eyes because you still access the web and enjoy their free comics.

How good is this hentai site?

The majority of these comics are illustrated and inked in black-and-white, which is their only shortcoming. However, if you look under “Color” in the Categories section, you’ll discover plenty of colorful comics.

In any case, each episode follows a scenario that can be plain but steamy, campy humor, or highly kinky nonsense – all of which is, of course, explicit. Fakku also features sexy animation entertainment in full color in addition to all of their comics. Lastly, they let you play erotic games.

Let’s speak about video games because we’re talking about nerdy things. Fakku features a large selection of pornographic video games with a variety of scenarios. They’re more interactive erotic adventures, so you may play one hand while wanking with the other.

All of these games, as far as I can tell, are available in English, have excellent visuals, and cover a wide range of sexual obsessions. Hundreds of games have already been posted, with more being developed. Furthermore, with an account, you get a 10% discount on all games.

Final thoughts on Fakku

There’s a never-ending supply of high-quality sexy comics to read, with new ones being added all the time, regular updates via the site and social media, and plenty of supplementary content all for free!

The majority of the stuff is rather moderate when compared to some of the other hentai sites I’ve visited. As a result, some of you, true kink freaks, may get bored.

Overall, the content of the comic is excellent. Because of all of these factors, as well as the fact that the comics are written in English.

Pros vs Cons

  • Unlimited hentai content for one person to consume
  • Slick navigation
  • English content
  • Dull black and white comics
  • Monthly subscriptions

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