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eHentai Review

eHentai is popular and one of the biggest doujin and hentai sites on the internet. This site is legendary, and it has millions of users worldwide. eHentai is a user-based site where users post thousands of hot and sexy comics around the clock. The content is diverse, with languages and even the art style.

eHentai has one of the largest comic collections compared to other comic porn sites. It would take you years just to go through the whole archive of eHentai thanks to the tones of content submitted by users. The best thing we like about user-based sites is the amount of content you will find here is mind-blowing.

eHentai Website Layout

Their homepage doesn’t look like what you will expect from a comic porn site. There are no thumbnails or big ass pics to welcome you here. But it will surprise you how cool the site is beside their somehow simple homepage. Their homepage has few categories you can choose from.

All of eHentai’s content is focused on the search engine. There is no other better way to find your content here than the search engine. However, there are numerous tags and content descriptions that come in handy if the search bar isn’t your thing. Browsing through this site without the help of these tools will prove hard for you.

The content that appears on top of this site is the most recent to be added. So you can keep in mind the date thing to help you easily find what you want. Other information on the homepage is the names, ratings, and the uploader’s name.

eHentai Content

The content here is large, with millions of users uploading their comics every minute you can guess how big the library is. eHentai has more than 400,000 galleries in about 18,000 archive pages. To make it easier, eHentai has divided the pages into subcategories.There is the Artist CGs category, the Western uploads category, and Doujinshi.

Their comics come in a wide variety, and the content s just thrilling and exciting.  Most users here upload high-quality comics so you won’t struggle at the comics as there quality is much clearer. The content also comes in almost every language.

Their content comes in many different languages, so you need to find the ones in English, or you will end up with comics whose language you can’t even read. To find comics with English include the word ‘English’ in your keywords.

You can browse the main gallery, just scroll down and access the gallery, which features the most viewed works presented with thumbnails. However, there is no sort of organization in the gallery. Everything is just thrown around, and it is up to you to find whatever you want.

The search bar is a lifesaver on eHentai. The search bar allows you to search a bunch of useful things like parodies, languages, porn types, among much other stuff. This is even made easier with the tags and the categories.

Considering the millions of content available on eHentai search result could come in thousands. eHentai filters your results for you based on the ratings. Content with ratings below two is slashed off your result list.

eHentai Features

eHentai has a bunch of features to make your experience here amazing. eHentai also has torrent files in their archives. This makes it easy to access the big torrent files. So if you are a BitTorrent guy, this is the place for you.

Some features like the torrent file feature require one to be a member. So you should consider registering an account if you want to access these features. After becoming a member, you can rate comics submitted by other users. With a registered account, you can also comment on the content and upload some of your own.

eHentai is a large user’s forum which has some awesome discussions and other insights. If you are a member, you can also save publications that excite you under ‘my favorites.’ Being a member comes with some good privileges that guest users can’t find on eHentai.


  • A hell lot amount of comic porn
  • Absolutely free
  • The site is up to date


  • Can be hard at times to find content
  • Some features require an account

Bottom Line

eHentai might be a quite complicated site for many, but their content is unmatched. eHentai is the kind of site that prioritizes content over the general outlook. There is no point in having a fancy website with nothing to offer along.

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