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Doujins Review (formerly “”) has been around since 2002 when the domain was first established. That’s a long time to accumulate spanking material, so you know they’ve had plenty on hand. They’ve also amassed a sizable fan base throughout the years. Doujins now has approximately 7 million monthly views.

What the fuck is a Doujin? It sounds like Doja Cat’s elder brother. I personally don’t visit sites like this, though I’m familiar with a good amount of hentai genres. Since hentai genres could get confusing at times, I needed help from a weeb, and finally, I have the answer to my question– Doujin (in this context) is a form of entertainment that is self-published. May it be a song, literature, video game, and so on.

Here on Doujins, contributors post, mostly, their artworks (or sometimes, fanart), erotic comics, and so on. But their world doesn’t merely revolve around that. Continue reading to find out more about what awaits you in this lively community.

Welcome to Doujins

Due to my unfamiliarity with this one, I was expecting that I’ll be writing about another hentai site with a different kink. But the moment I checked the sections underneath the webpage’s title, something made my eyes popped a little–they have a movie section. I tried clicking it and it led me to a different tab, and hey, it doesn’t look sus. The animation and art style are high-quality (I’d say something close to Sword Art Online’s).

Going back to the main topic, some other sections that are available here are series, artists, top-rated, blogs, requests, comments, Zenra, and cam-girls.

The cam-girl part intrigued me, so I clicked on it and I was led to another webpage, which turned out to be Bruh, I was expecting Jap girls, but I got served White girls. But no big deal. I’m not interested anyway.

ALSO, I almost forgot to mention this one but there’s a random poll on the right side of Doujins and it’s asking “how much time do you spend in meetings every day at work?”. I don’t know what’s the exact purpose of this but I’m guessing that people are participating. You can actually check the poll history, too.

Enjoy high-quality Hentai artistry

One thing you’ll notice straight away is that the fan fiction on Doujins is of very high quality. They’re not allowing every young Pokemon enthusiast with an erection to submit their art, even if it’s unlicensed, unsanctioned manga erotica.

It often receives two or three postings every day, with themes such as anime, video games, and manga being covered. The site has a thriving community, so there’s always something interesting to talk about in the comments.

Another thing that I like is that it keeps their visitors updated in their own way; upon scrolling down, I found a bar that has a date written on it, and below that are the hentai mangas. I haven’t watched My Hero Academia but I’m shocked to see them there. Oh, by the way, comics here are in black and white.

Should I get premium?

While there is enough to look at for free on Doujins, a paid membership costs $19 per month. If 13k images aren’t enough to pique your interest, perhaps 25k will. At hentai0, the subscription also grants you access to three times the quantity of movies and greater resolution. Members have access to unique translations and can request translations. They also have unlimited Zip downloads, compared to 10 for non-members each day. I am content with its free offers. However, if I were a huge lover of hentai, I might give some thought.

Final thoughts on Doujin

The website is really well-organized. You can tell that the deviants who operate Doujins are genuinely concerned about the content. I didn’t get any spam throughout my visit because I had my ad-blocker turned on. Doujins is an obvious winner for lusty anime fans when it comes to pricing, collection quantity and quality, and site simplicity of use.


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