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Danbooru Review

Porn is an art, even when things get hot, steamy, and downright dirty. Meet one of the internet’s pioneers in hentai art and naughty images; Danbooru is an imageboard site dedicated to showcasing the best of the internet’s hentai and anime. 

Anime is extremely popular and one of your first fantasies probably involved some action with an anime girl. Take a trip down memory lane and browse some of the best art on the internet dedicated to sexualizing anime content, here at Danbooru.


The Danbooru website has a simple, clean, and minimalist interface. Most of the page is dedicated to a small catalog of posts. At the top left of the page, the toolbar exists to help you navigate through the sitemap. 

The top tags of the moment are lined up in different font colors to the left, accompanied by a question mark sign. When you click on this question mark, it shows you a small description of what this tag is about, what other related tags are, and a few of its most recent posts. Given how the anime world can have tons of terminologies which make it difficult to navigate as a beginner, I really appreciated this feature because it made searching for content a lot easier.

Beyond this initial design, Danbooru also has a deep tag system that lets you search content according to the characters featured, the artist that drew it, any fetishes it displays, and more.

This site does not have any advertisements; likely because it already makes enough profit off of the tiered membership system. As a result, everybody (regardless of whether they are viewing as a visitor or a Platinum member) can browse the website without having to deal with any ad placements or pop-up ads. 

I have nothing but praise for this website’s interface and navigation system. There are a lot of inside jokes and niche content in anime; this can make it difficult to look through as an observer. Danbooru has successfully made their content accessible and understandable, regardless of whether you’re just an occasional otaku or a weebo all the way.


This website isn’t limited to hentai alone. Over the years, it’s grown as an anime and manga site as well. To make sure that you are looking through the right catalog at the right time, Danbooru content is classified into three main categories: safe, questionable, and explicit. 

While you can access the explicit part of this website freely, you will need to pay if you want to search censored tags. This includes hentai falling under loli, shota, and toddlercon.

Finally, in case you were wondering, Danbooru is exclusively dedicated to anime content. You won’t find any images or videos of real people here. It does not even have any webtoon-style comics. However, you will have a smorgasbord of anime to peruse at your own pace. Rule 34 reigns supreme in this website and you’re bound to get a kick out of everything the artists on this website have reimagined. From Pokemon to Fire Emblem, it’s a real haven of hentai art. 


One aspect of anime I’ve always loved is that it’s great at bringing people together. The Danbooru community is full of otakus who know how to keep the discussion light and respectful. Overall, it’s a safe community of people with a shared love for the craft.

To fully participate in this community, however, you will have to shell out some money. Danbooru operates on a tiered membership system and if you are just a guest on the website, you have very limited movement. You only get to search two tags at a time. If you sign up for an account, you get more options for interaction; you can now edit tags and give ratings as well.

The full experience of the Danbooru website is locked behind Gold and Platinum memberships. For a one-time fee, you are granted the ability to search through more tags or view more naughty content.


I love how Danbooru has classified its art and how the site has made its content as beginner-friendly as possible. There are guides to everything you need to enjoy the website: the tags, leaving comments, and more. 

I feel that Danbooru may come off as incredibly restrictive to some, especially because most of your capacity to navigate the site is locked behind the tiered membership system. You won’t be able to make the most out of your visit here as a guest if you want to really browse through their content. If you’re into anime and hentai, and you have the money to shell out on premium content, then you should consider investing in Danbooru. 

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