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ShesFreaky Review

When Beyonce sang “a woman in the streets and a freak in you know what”, Shesfreaky felt that! This blog is devoted to those of you who enjoy homemade porn!

Shesfreaky has a ton of submitted porn films, including stunning ebony self shooters, girl next door photos, and seductive Latinas with slap-worthy asses. The porn trade is predominantly white, so seeing an entire porn site dedicated to black porn without fetishizing it is a refreshing change. Shesfreaky is more than anything else a celebration of black eroticism.

You’ll find sex videos featuring real-life couples, rather than the same old porn movies with airbrushed models and enormous artificial tits. Whether you want to see freaky Lesbians, hot 18-year-olds, or some petite white girl choking on a BBC, has it all, and it’s all 100% free! Which is why I’ve got quite a bit to say about this porn site!

Landing on the site

The site’s webpage features a similar look that you’d expect from a tube site. There are the search and site menu bars at the top, highlighted videos, and recent videos below displayed in their thumbnails. Since it’s well organized, it’s pretty easy to explore on this site.

The whole porn list consists of their contributing users’ videos, and the majority of it features black and Latina women with some bouncing snow bunnies here and there. Here y You’ll discover a bunch of personal videos of girls making themselves finish using sex toys or mounting dildos on camera.

There are also lots of amateur sex that you shouldn’t miss, as well as ladies performing and flaunting their bizarre physique. There’s a little something for everyone who likes DIY porn.

Be part of the ShesFreaky community

It’s a free porn site with an engaging community. Shesfreaky shares a thriving base of users who discuss videos in the comments area, provide names of unidentified models and maintain the site’s high standards.

But if you’re craving for some online hookups, you may click on the Hook Up Now button to be redirected to some other kind of website. I tried clicking it a couple of times and I was redirected to two different pages. I am also assuming that those sites could be paid since it’s more focused on personal use.

The ShesFreaky Experience

The site has a significantly lesser amount of videos than other amateur porn websites. There’s no way you’d ever run out of some hot stuff to watch, but yet there are only 18 pages worth of videos to select from.

But hey, at least you’re sure that you’re able to finish those compared to millions of shitty videos on somewhere else.

You can also make your own porn collections, vote on videos, exchange content, and connect with other people on Shesfeaky, just as you can on other community-oriented tube sites.

I tried clicking on this one clip just to check if some sort of annoying ad will be blocking the view. Apparently, here’s only one repetitive ad and fortunately, it’s not blocking my view.

Final Thoughts

I don’t know about you but to me, this is a wonderful place. Users are engaged and, more significantly, are creating high-quality material. The website is built well and convenient to use. And Shesfreaky is giving black porn the freedom to emerge as it is, without being fetishized or exoticized because of its race.


Pros vs Cons

  • HD ebony material
  • Great unique niche
  • Active community
  • Can benefit from regular update of videos

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