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ASheMaleTube Review

There’s something oddly titillating about mixing the feminine and the masculine. As we’ve grown to become more accepting of the way that transsexuals express themselves, the internet has also seen a rise in trans models in porn. This has opened up tons of new opportunities to explore different perspectives in the industry.

ASheMaleTube is one such website that works to showcase a wide variety of trans content. It may be considered a niche in most websites, but here it rules supreme. Read on to find out everything that this site has to offer you.


ASheMaleTube is an independently run website, with affiliations to a VR porn site called TSVirtualLovers. This website is conclusively the place to go for people who are interested in shemales, as it curates trans pornography from all over the web.

As of writing, I could not find a counter on the site to clarify exactly how many videos they have. However, it’s safe to say that ASheMaleTube has well over 20,000 videos and more—especially considering that new clips are uploaded on a daily basis.

Note that because it’s an independently run website whose main function is as a centralized hub for trans content, the quality of the videos can range from anywhere between 480 pixels to premium HD.

A small portion of the website’s videos is secured for premium members only. Don’t be discouraged yet—premium membership on this site is free; all you need to do is sign up for an account.


ASheMaleTube follows the usual layout for most porn sites. Its contents are neatly laid out on a black background and highlighted in white and orange. In terms of color scheme, it’s very similar to PornHub.

On the left side of the screen, you have the top tags of the moment. You can choose from the usual categories, such as Creampie, Blonde, or Big Tits; but as this is a porn site for trans content, it also has tons of niche tags, such as Crossdresser, Guy Fucks Shemale, and Self Sucking. With this handy toolbar, you can get straight to filtering and narrowing down on the content you need based on the tags that are offered. There is no need to navigate to a different part of a site just to apply the necessary filters.

One feature I appreciated was the clear rating indicator at the top right section of each video preview. I take ratings very seriously, and given how this website compiles all sorts of trans pornographic content from around the internet, I see it as a reliable peer-reviewed indicator of whether I’ll enjoy the video or not.

You can also look through pictures, live sex, the forum, and a transexual model index. Most of these features are free and will only need you to sign up for an account. However, to access the gallery of models, you will need to give tokens (more on this later).

In this aspect, I appreciated how ASheMaleTube has a community section where people can interact with one another or with trans models. Getting involved in the shemale community is a totally new experience in the porn industry and it was fun to get to know their perspective in their unique line of sex work.

When it comes to the site’s advertisements, there are quite a few that you will have to sift through as you make your way around. Keep in mind that a lot of this website’s features are provided to you by free and these ads are their main way of generating income.


As foreshadowed in the earlier subsections, you’ll be able to access most videos with the premium membership. You will also be allowed to browse the following areas and utilize additional features, such as:

• Access to the ASheMaleTube forums and premium videos
• Construction and sharing of playlists
• Community management capabilities, such as upvotes, downvotes, and comments
• Video downloads in either 3GP or MP4 format
• Purchase and use of tokens.

You need to purchase tokens so that you can buy access to the private galleries in the model’s index.

If you want to support the site and surf through it completely ad-free, you can opt-in for a paid subscription at 19.99 USD per month. This paid subscription also includes a membership to A word of warning, though: the ASheMaleTube paid membership is set to auto-bill you every thirty days, so make sure you keep an eye on your expenses.

Final Verdict

There’s very little competition when it comes to what ASheMaleTube focuses on doing. I would say that it’s currently the best in the industry when it comes to shining a light on all sorts of trans content. Even if you aren’t really into trans pornography, it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for something to spice up your sex life.

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