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MyVidster Review

I have a bone to pick with MyVidster. Maybe you have to if you expose yourself to too much adult entertainment.

Well, to be fair, the site is trying to stay relevant after seemingly getting left behind during the social media boom of 2005. At least the hardcore recognize this and try finding hidden gems from time to time.

Who knows? Maybe the guy working on this site used to be a beta tester for YouTube before settling in Asia where very little dollar revenue can still make you a billionaire.

I might be digressing already so it’s best to go straight to the point.

Why MyVidster? Why?

As I said, this site seemed like it was made in the earlier millennium and got left behind there. Even YouJizz was able to evolve before PornHub took over!

As for the entire idea of the site, it’s actually a pretty decent one if it didn’t get stuck in the idea stage. The idea stages is where you run the site at 70% and perfect it along the way. This one though looks halfway done and it overshadows the intent of the content.

I also hate the fact that as much as I am met with videos on the home page, I wasn’t led to the porn part on the onset as I expected when I was told this was actually an adult entertainment website.

They say you can’t have it all but what does MyVidster have though? I think even DailyMotion has got them beat in this aspect.

The website’s saving grace

Not all is bad though. At least the media player on My Vidster is okay. The problem is that how will you flaunt that you have such a good player if the stuff around it seems jumbled?

One thing I noticed is that the site pretty much leaches off some of the other top porn site’s tools. Say for example one video I was at where a PornHub embed was on the page and I was able to view it through the PornHub media player.

At least MyVidster also provides all of the relevant information on the video. This means you’re going to get everything from which collection it came from to its actual source! Then, there’s the user profile who shared it too if that even matters.

Speaking of user-profiles, I really wish the top porn studios do charity and help this site out by channeling some of their free content here.

Final thoughts

I keep on comparing this website to an early-day YouTube because of how basic and low quality the design is. One thing they took from the popular video-sharing platform too is the pesky ads!

I hate ads on channel makers and products I don’t even want to support at all so maybe MyVidster can do is reinvest all that ad revenue to make this site grow. If a domain such as xhamster can grow, then so should this site.

Want to hear something more despicable? With how terrible this site design is, they still have the guts to offer premium subscriptions just to get rid of the ads! I’m rather boycotting the site if things don’t change.

Is it worth the money? Only you can tell because I already have put it as bluntly as I can. But please, support this site so I can revoke everything I just said because a positive change occured.

Pros vs Cons

  • Decent streaming
  • Good vids
  • Site design needs a total revamp

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