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SexyPorn Review

  Don’t be confused by the name; it was formerly called Sexyporn before it rebranded. This is why the URL and the site name are different. Regardless of the new name, it’s still the same old website with quality content across a variety of mediums. User Interface The first thing that greets you when you go to the site is the Porn Wall. It’s a great starting initiative and looks just like a social media feed. The videos are presented with the account highlighted first, followed by the title of the video and corresponding hashtags underneath. I think that the look and feel of Yourporn may have been designed, in part, to cater to a millennial audience. However, this interface still needs a lot of work. For one, you can’t play videos while scrolling past the news feed; clicking on one of them will prompt the site to open it in a new window. This negates the purpose of being able to comment and react to it while you are still browsing your feed. All throughout the website, you’ll notice that it relies on the use of hashtags (as opposed to clearly established categories) to sort the content and relate it to similar videos. This was fun to look through, but I feel that other users may miss the comfort, structure, and simplicity of videos sorted by category. When I clicked on a video, I noted that the video quality is already predefined. This means that you do not have the option of tweaking it according to your personal preference or internet speed; you’ll have to settle for the quality that the video was uploaded with. Thankfully, after browsing through several more videos, I noticed that most came in at least 480 pixels. Overall, Yourporn is definitely trying to do something new here and I appreciate it. I find it a little off-putting to incorporate aspects of social media site design into porn sites because I feel that users may want an experience that feels more discreet. However, this could also very well be a groundbreaker in the porn industry; combining social media and porn to create healthy communities for sex positivity and the safe consumption of pornography. Navigation There are tons of buttons that you can browse through on the home page, so here’s a brief rundown of each one. The Live button leads to a streamed video of whatever’s being broadcasted at the moment. Contrary to my initial guess, it does not connect you to any cam girls or other live shows. Porn Pics is a nice addition to the website. It’s a collection of aesthetic pictures from a variety of porn stars. In case you want to try something new or ease into the mood, this is the perfect moodsetter. The Torrents tab takes you to a number of videos that can be downloaded into your computer. This is usually a privilege that is exclusive to members, so knowing that you have this level of access to their content is a pleasant surprise. You’ll need to create an account before you can access some of the other tabs, such as the Notifications, Playlists and the Watch Later tab. I felt that these aspects could have been built into another part of the website to reduce the clutter on the landing page. The Community button shows you the top accounts on the website, in order of posts and likes. This is in contrast to the Trends, where you will be shown the top keywords that have been ranked according to the frequency and the number of results that are available. As I am writing this review, Anal content is trending with over 47,820 results. Another set of tabs that I felt could have been positioned better on this website are Top Pop, Top Viewed, and Orgasmic. These filter videos according to popularity, views, and likes; it’s just that in Yourporn, they are given separate web pages of their own. When it comes to navigation, the website feels a bit cluttered and there are tons of popup ads that you have to click through just to get from one part of the site to another. Conclusion Yourporn isn’t the prettiest website to look at. It’s still got a long way to go in terms of user interface and ease of access. However, there is so much to consume on this site across several mediums. You can go to videos, pictures, and even livestreams. If you have the patience to click past all the advertisements to get to what you’re searching for, then you can rest assured that this website can provide it for you in good quality.  

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