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Homemade Videos Review

The name says it all: Home Made Videos, and nothing but. This site has existed since 2001, and continues to be a prime destination for pure amateur porn. Think sex tapes, web cam footage, voyeur shots, you name it, it’s here. Read this Home Made Videos review and check out what you’re in for.


It’s simple: The porn here is all amateur, all made at home (or wherever the sex happens), all starring non-professional guys and girls fucking in front of cameras. Unlike bona fide porn stars, these people don’t get paid for stripping, having sex, and cumming on-cam. They just do it because they want to, and whether they like it or not, it’s now online for all the world to see.

Some of the stuff here are amateur sex tapes made by kinky couples who like to upload their fuck fests for other people to watch. Others are posted by ex-lovers, neighbors who were filmed doing the dirty, co-workers getting sexy at work, and so much more. Bottomline is, there’s a shitload of porn here from all over the world and all sorts of people.

There are thousands of porn videos in this massive library. Some of the scenes last for around 2 minutes, and there are longer films that last two hours or more. In terms of categories, you’ll find all the usual suspects like anal, big ass, Asian, casting, blow job, college, feet, solo, redhead, and more.

The common theme is that none of the stuff here are made by a professional crew filming actual adult actors and actresses. So, don’t expect stellar quality. Some of the videos are made of low-end equipment, so there are shadows, the angles are not so great, and some have blurry scenes. But that’s perfectly fine when you’re on an amateur porn site. It just adds to the authenticity of it all. However, there are also some HD videos in there, and all you have to do is explore.


Home Made Video is full of people living out their porn star dreams. The beauty of the site is that the stars of the amateur sex tapes can be anybody— it could be your aunt, neighbor, office mate, cashier, even your own ex-boyfriend and you!

Because of this, there’s almost limitless variety in the men and women featured in the videos. You’ve got whites, ebonies, and all sorts of ethnicities in there. You’ve got BBWs, petite teens, MILFs, even grannies and gramps getting it on. Seriously, if a certain type gets you hard and horny, you’ll find it here.


This site is a part of a network, and a lot of other sites are featured on the homepage. Want a bit of a change from all that amateur sex? Click on any of the porn sites on the directory. They also specialize in different niches. You have hardcore sites, couple swaps, teen porn sites, MILF porn, indie nude site, and an anal-porn focused site, for starters. There are around 20+ porn sites in the directory, so expect to have a ton of hot porn to wade though.


What Home Made Video did well in terms of content, it lacks when it comes the design of the site. The top banner features the other sites in the network. Underneath that are the main filters of the site: Home, Categories, Unsorted Sex Tapes, and LIVE GIRLS. After that comes the porn thumbnails which you can click to start watching.

The colors kind of clash, and the network directory of sites is confusing. I mean, you don’t actually know what site you’re clicking on. For instance, one link is named “Hardcore Porn Videos,” leads to a site called “Humor On.” It would be nice to know what external site you’re going to be redirected to, you know? Would go a long way towards making you feel confident about navigating away from the site.


Content-wise, Home Made Videos is a winner. There’s a lot of real amateur sex tapes here, spanning diverse categories and niches. The home page is also a jump-off point to other porn sites. So, if you’re the type who likes variety in their porn, it’s good to have a lot to choose from.

One major let down is the design of the site, which seems like it got stuck in 2001. It works, sure, since you’re there for the smut and not for the aesthetics. But a good design and color scheme really adds to the experience.

In all, Home Made Videos is a great resource for amateur porn. It’s a winner when it comes to sheer variety and number of content, and since it’s all free, it’s a pretty good porn destination overall.

Pros vs Cons

  • A whole lot of amateur porn
  • Bonus sites add variety
  • Scenes look raw and real homemade
  • Low-quality site design
  • Can use more accurate names for network site directory

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