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Shooshtime Review

Shooshtime feels like an amateur site from the get-go. that includes a bunch of random videos we’re going to talk about a lot more about later on. I’m just prepping my cock for some possible gems while I write this.

It seems like a throwback to the times when we use to exchange 3gp videos via Bluetooth on a Nokia 6600. That’s what it feels whenever I get directed to Shooshtime. It was just a matter of time when I’m going to finally write about this adult site.

That’s why this is the time to put this adult site out there into a bigger spectrum.

Is Shooshtime a good porn site?

You might be wondering why I started to talk about what seems to be reserved for the end. That’s because my goal is to keep you on the site until you see something you like.

Some of the stuff you’ll see upfront is the typical teens filming themselves having sex. I even wonder how many of them are leaked and how many of them were intentionally uploaded for clout chasing.

The site is indeed filled with a lot of videos that may not be of top porn site standards but are still worth giving a chance. It’s still probably a better experience than paying a stripper or a hooker at night.

Still decently put together

Despite the site being filled with what seems like 3gp sex clips, it still tries its best to be organized in terms of segregating each babe and putting them in the right category where they are supposed to belong.

Mind you, porn stars still make this website and you can filter them out through the pornstar category. I  wouldn’t recommend that though because it’s something you can find elsewhere anyway especially if the name is a Riley Reid or Elsa Jean.

One of my favorites is the Dirty 30 section because it contains some interesting stuff you might want to see. That includes random amateur porn pics and videos that are likely to be a stuff of legends if the certain entertainer makes if far.

My Shooshtime experience

I liked its whole idea despite being quite meticulous with choosing my go-to’s. That’s because I already told you it reminds me of some of the glory days of passing porn and scandals through peers in school.

I just hate the fact that there’s a lot of clickbait on a bad day but that’s the point of a featured image on a video, right? At least that gives the site a bit more flair and personality to come with a bland cam shot. Another case of clickbait is that when the video gets directed to a 3rd pary site. it can get pretty annoying at times.

The most enjoyable vids are certainly the teen ones because it feels more spontaneous than one with a pornstar present. But at least you’ve got some good fap material regardless of the quality of performance.

Needs improvement?

I can say by the looks of it that Shooshtime has been in the game for quite some time now. Even the top amateur porn sites on the internet aren’t perfect. Who are we to judge if Shooshtime isn’t as well?

As much as the point of all this is money-making, I’m not a fan of saturating your quality for a bunch of affiliations when you can make money out of your homegrown videos instead. While I’m not familiar with the actual stats, It’s safe to say that the site has quite some pennies saved to run their own studio off the number of ads and affiliates alone.

Since Shooshtime already has that 3gp video vibe, why not upgrade their content to iPhone MOV sex videos, right? Maybe some Android MP4s can help too. Teenagers these days like posting skin online anyway.

While they’re at it, maybe make that live sex cam links their own. It sucks when we are expecting more out of the spontaneous side of things only to be led to a site we already have seen before.

Create more content guys!

Final thoughts

Hopefully, I didn’t slander the website here because I really still loved the porn I watched. It’s the thing you can brag to your friends that you have a scandal waiting to be viewed on your phone.

Speaking of scandals, you might even chance upon some celebrity sex tapes. Kim Kardashian couldn’t buy off all those Ray J scandals they had. We can go on for days with the list of celebrity sex videos and you can find a lot of them here if you stay just longer.

I somehow find some of the random acts of weirdness pretty hilarious because I just wonder what police brutality has to do with porn but mind you, some creeps dig such!

Just to give a bit of my personal life to you, I fapped more than once on this site in one sitting. You be the judge of what kind of recommendation that writes.

Pros vs Cons

  • Celeb sex tapes
  • Underrated home videos
  • Some vids too random
  • Web design can still be improved

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