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WaskuCity Review

Do you love joining porn forums on the internet

If that’s so, then you may consider checking out WaskuCity, a website claiming to be the best porn forum in the world

It offers diversity and boasts of varied forum topics such as French porn, Indian porn, Japanese porn, Mexican porn, Russian porn, Swedish porn, Turkish porn, and more. So obviously, it has an abundance of offerings to its visitors. 

And here’s the best part — you can register an account and browse the site for free. Once you’re already an official member of WaskuCity, you can start checking out its contents. 

If you want to transfer porn materials, that’s also possible. However, you might be directed to an external hosting company and your downloads may only be at low speed. Well, if you have extra cash, then you can just get a VIP membership and make your transfers faster. 

WaskuCity Design and Interface

At first glance, you may think that it looks like a blast from the past. But despite its old-school design, this can be one of the hottest porn forums you’ll find on the Web. 

It has a massive number of active users and a cornucopia of posts, threads, and topics. On top of that, it has numerous subsections such as Asian porn, voyeur and celebrity porn, incest porn, Latina, Desi, siterips porn, gay porn, BBW, mature, non-nude porn, hentai, and BDSM. 

You can explore every subsection that exists in WaskuCity and you may discover that it has countless of interesting topics, an enormous collection of adult materials, and a friendly community. 

The design might not be that special, but it does the job. After all, the team behind WaskuCity seems not to care as what’s important for them is the number of high-quality porn they can offer to their members.

As a matter of fact, WaskuCity takes pride in the fact that they’re the only ones who can provide you with amateur shots from South Africa and Morrocan porn. Moreover, they have a subsection for every country and have over 340,000 discussions. That’s quite huge, don’t you think? 

And if you feel like those may not be enough for you, then you might also want to check out the 450 porn sites on their forums list

Although its name is a bit weird, rest assured that they can walk the talk. So if they say that they’re the “Porn Forum Capital of the World”, who knows—they might really be. 

WaskuCity Adult Materials

Some of you may think that forums aren’t a thing anymore. But hey — this site is still up and running until now and it continues to connect people all over the world. Moreover, it also makes smut sharing easier and more convenient. 

Once you’re on WaskuCity, you get to submit or upload your own porn collection to its corresponding category or niche. As a result, everyone in the WaskuCity community including you can easily find and download your preferred content. 

As of this writing, this forum platform has over 2 million posts that are distributed into 150,000 threads. Wow! That’s a pretty impressive number, don’t you think? 

With WaskuCity, downloading and sharing porn is easy and convenient. And the members are even fun and very polite. 

WaskuCity Features

WaskuCity is the home of nasty nude images and erotic porn movies. It’s a safe haven for people who enjoy watching adult stuff on the Net.

Yes, it might be a porn forum, but it also doubles as a porn site!

Here, you can enjoy features that are closely similar to some tube websites on the Web. You can upload and download flicks, leave comments, and interact with other users and members. 

However, if you want to be a silent user of this platform, then you can just stick to the main sections of WaskuCity which are recent or top content. Those tabs may be more than enough to help you release all your pent-up sex urges. 

On the other hand, if you want to visit your desired forums, then you can click on the World Porn forum tab. 

WaskuCity is one of the adult websites online that has a user-friendly interface. All the necessary features are pinned on the main navigation bar to make it accessible.

Some of the most recommended sections are free porn list and free world porn tube sexxx media (this is where you may find tons of sexy videos).

Here’s our final say

WaskuCity can be the perfect place for individuals who take pleasure from nude materials and lustful videos. 

So go ahead and discover it for yourself!

Pros vs Cons

  • free to use
  • has a mobile version
  • has millions of posts
  • contains ads
  • Web 2.0 style of forum posts
  • not possible to sort contents
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