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ImageFap Review

Pornography has become a lifestyle in itself. Apart from being a viewer of porn as well as the creator of the porn site. That’s why, with, we can now consider that pornography has indeed become a lifestyle in itself. 

What is is a pornographic page where you can view pictures, view videos, chat with people and many others. When you arrive at, you will see the following categories.

  • Home
  • Categories
  • Galleries
  • Videos
  • Random 
  • Blogs
  • Members
  • Clubs
  • Forums
  • Upload

A Look At Few Major Features has major features for its viewers including what they call pornographic niches. These are special porn categories where they focus on the viewer and post pictures and videos in those niches. Here are the following.

  • Amateur Porn
  • Anime Porn
  • Cartoon Porn
  • Handjob Porn
  • Hardcore Porn
  • Homemade Porn
  • Masturbation Porn
  • Miscellaneous Porn
  • Old Men Porn
  • Vintage Porn
  • Voyeur Porn

But let us look at what calls The Fap.  Not every day where you can meet a porn site where the administrators and the owners of the page can actually make a summary of what you can do in for details. Written as if they are wanting to establish a certain lifestyle. So far, here is The Fap.

  • The porn index which explains the objectives and the niches of the page.
  • Adult search with many different categories, niches, and fetishes.
  • Member directory where you can explore many fellow users.
  • The Porn Clubs on where you can trade pictures and videos with like-minded users.

So What’s So Good About ImageFap?

For one, the site is very easy to navigate, not to mention that it is mobile-friendly. Interface-wise, it loads up pretty quick, everything is really simple, no-frills, and most of all, everything is properly placed–in short, everything can be found where they are should be. 

And most viewers like it, the site has no unnecessary plugins, added offers and even annoying ads–which most of us are so pissed off each time they pop up right? Okay, yes I admit there are some ads indeed, but nothing that would truly block the overall user experience. 

How About the Images?

Yeah, what about the photos? Remember, the site’s name is ImageFap, right? It is actually an index of the user-submitted gallery. And if you were thinking that ImageFap is like a dirty mag or tabloid with pictures of models which are heavily doctored so that they can look like goddesses from heaven…think again. The site is in fact a collection of images of teenagers, youngsters, mothers, college nymphs and all those other categories that you could conjure in your mind. 

Yet perhaps the best part of it all is that these are photos that amateur people captured (for a significant part) and yeah, these hot babes were that adventurous and open-minded enough to pose for the shots. 

Certainly, that makes this website very irresistible. Think about it– do you think that watching a picture of an adult female who works as a model (that you have zero chance of meeting in real life) is still good enough? 

On the other hand, these images you get to view on ImageFap, these ladies are the real deal and they’re mostly the down to earth kinds. And when you get to see a stunning beauty that resembles a hot secretary that you have the hots for–and then you discover that she can actually get nasty and wild and willing to take sexually explicit photos— ta-dah! You just got yourself an instant hard-on. 

And yes, the real value of this site lies in the variety of its pictures. The more, the merrier as they say. Simply put, ImageFap’s search engine quite different. For instance, it recognizes that you want to search for hotties with strange fetishes and nice hands– and yes, that is precisely you would get as a result. 

And if you want to see a million triple-X images, sure you can. The numbers of images on this site are pretty astounding, making ImageFap one of the best places if you are looking for these kinds of images on the World Wide Web. 


So all in all, the viewers really love this site because of its simplicity, there are tons and tons of content and not to mention that it is extremely organized to a fault. Amazing, right?

And oh, before I forget, did I tell you that it is all for free? Aha! That alone is enough for you to enjoy the thought of masturbating in jolly of all the possibilities you can think of when you are inside the heaven of ImageFap. 

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