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ViperGirls Review

Porn forums for the win! That’s right! I’m bringing you to this site called ViperGirls!

We’ve seen a lot of sadbois trending lately whether on social media or in real life. These are the simps who are into porn because that’s the only place they feel some sense of company.

I’m not here to shame them though. I’m here to help them as they find a platform to find fellow dudes who look to connect and probably sarge together if they’re feeling like it.

Welcome to Viper Girls!

It gave me a sense of throwback when I landed on ViperGirls. It’s actually not shying away from the identity of an old-school Internet forum. Mind you, it’s even better digging here than spending hours searching for some good porn to fap to.

While the free porn tube sites have a large library involved, there’s also a place like this where the library is forum-based. It might even be the precursor for the NSFW subreddits if you ask me.

I just love the fact that people share the good stuff out there for you instead of finding it yourself. Well, if you wish to be active, you can but if you need instant gratification, it couldn’t be more instant than porn forums!

Got fap?

If you could no longer hold it in you, there’s a place where you can find that instant fap you’ve been dying to shoot. Forums are definitely the shortcut rather than going through the searches yourself.

Mind you, the forums are all healthy sources! It’s like being able to make sure each thread is very active when it comes to sharing that content.

How many threads are we looking at here? MILLIONS! Like, there are over 35 million posts in almost 4 million threads. I’m assuming that some of them are part of porn companies trying to create a community around each content they launch.

I don’t care about the technicalities of that anymore though because I’m here to share my own experience! Feel like contributing? Feel free ti sign up then!

Such a good roster!

Some of the good stuff on ViperGirls are from the celebrities in the industry. Speaking of, there’s actually some good Hollywood celebrity content out here too!

One good way to filter out the actress you want to fap to is by searching their names through the search bar. Mind you, there are thousands upon thousands of results filled with nude pictures and videos whether from their movie scenes or from a scandal they were involved in.

Seek and you shall find

It’s usually the point of forums. These types of sites are built for you to be able to dig into some dirt you don’t usually see that often. there are thousands upon thousands as I said.

Searching for the perfect material from all the nudes to the wildest pornographic material online is the way to go with ViperGirls! Maybe if I had all day I would have shared more than I did when it comes to the best ones online.

Checking out the amateur videos section alone will lead you to millions of threads. I went for the teens and the MILFs though to cut to my own chase. Bunch of sluts I saw out there!

Thinking of going freaky?

Being freaky is something ViperGirls caters to as well. Those who like the fetishes and kinks that are out of this world will love such threads. I personally didn’t like it but since there’s a market for scat and pee fetishes, then be their guest!

What I appreciated though was the BDSM stuff that was also available inĀ 3D and VR It just made the whole experience even more real!

Final thoughts

Let me just put out there that Viper Girls gets 15 million visits a month! That means there are tens of millions of you lonely boys looking for like minds online!

It may not look like the traditional porn site but it still has established itself as a pervert’s haven especially if you like consuming adult content on your phone.

The key point here is to make everyone happy. There’s even non-nude contents for those who wish to take things lightly. See what I mean? Fun for everyone!

Pros vs Cons

  • Free porn!
  • Wide content selection
  • Forum style cuts to chases
  • Reuploading copyrighted content by some
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