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thekiranoir Review

I hate to be biased but Kira Noir is indeed one of my favorite porn stars on earth hence, I follow and subscribe to @thekiranoir!

She’s one beautiful chocolate woman and she’s somebody you wish to see even if it isn’t on her NSFW Twitter feed! She’s one of Brazzers’ brightest stars despite the dark complexion. Just before you say it’s a racial pun, I love ebony more than your judgemental race!

All good vibes though because that’s what you’re mostly getting on Kira’s feed. You’ll like to see her give head and want to have her going down on you!

What else can I say? I’ll leave it for the rest of this piece.

@thekiranoir on Twitter

Following @thekiranoir on Twitter is something you wish to do because being updated with her exclusive content is something you will want to pay for!

As I said, Kira is one of my personal favorites and I always think of the day that she goes down on me and goes down for real! That’s why whenever I see her blowjob snippets, I already imagine her pussy feeling just as good!

Brazzers won’t pick her up if she’s just a simple black girl, right? At least you still have thought about hooking up with the ebony you follow on social media as an added fantasy!

What else is in store? That’s something you will need to watch on her longer content like her porn vids and exclusives on OnlyFans.

How good is her Twitter account?

I might sound biased because Kira is a favorite but there is a certain charm to her picture tweets especially if you’re fans of blowjobs. It’s a rich source for head fantasies, chocolate flavor!

Now, for the honest opinion, it won’t hurt giving a bit of longer snippets from her exclusive content. She’s one dirty black girl and not the color of skin. It’s the deeds I’m talking about here!

If you’re looking for the best black NSFW Twitters, I recommend Kira Noir for you and you ought to follow my lead!

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