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SlutSauceKhloe Review

There’s hot sauce and there’s slut sauce. If you combine the two, you’ve got SlutSauceKhloe here!

Why do I keep writing about blondes lately? Maybe it’s because of their the in thing today? Blonde has always been trending. If you’ve got blonde hair and lipstick, we know you’re for fucks!

Just like Khloe here who doesn’t deserve any explanation more than just pure adult entertainment for us. It’s all about the fucks because why else would she call herself slut sauce?

@SlutSauceKhloe on Twitter

There’s a bunch of descriptions for Khloe thrown on her bio. People obsessed with the zodiac would appreciate her being a Cancerian. I only know male, female, homosexual, and bisexual but she defines herself as pan for whatever it means.

I don’t mean to discriminate but maybe I just got stuck to what is seen in porn genders that pan isn’t just one of them. Well, at least Khloe is the first I met with such pronoun. Her NSFW Twitter has a lock you need to break.

I’m not sure what’s her point in keeping her profile private but once she accepted and I got in, it was all good I saw! Maybe she’s just trying to filter her account to real humans and it’s her way of doing so.

That said, another thing you can do is follow her so that you can relate to everything I’m saying.

How good is her Twitter account?

You wouldn’t know how good her Twitter is if you don’t follow her. She’s likely to accept anyway because she’s a public figure. If she can flaunt her nudes online, she can accept a follow request.

I’m just going to make this rule that if she accepts your follow request, she’s a clout chaser and if she doesn’t, you need to establish your humanity more.

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