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ThesSavannahSixx Review

I’m feeling creative today so we’re trying this new thing where we are going to review some NSFW Twitter accounts. It’s basically an adult entertainment star extending their wild stuff on social media. Today is your lucky day thesavannahsixx!

@ThesSavannahSixx on Twitter

Forgive me if I am rough with this format. At least I’m lucky enough to talk about a beautiful woman with what seems to be the most perfect boobs and ass I’ve seen on Twitter thus far.

Add to that the fact that these pics are the ones that the desperate chumps fap to in their cars during traffic means the Twitter profiles of these models are like a standalone porn platform already.

So, what’s about dear Savannah here? her Twitter profile is split between nice studio shots of her nudity and snaps from both her porn movies and her OnlyFans content.

How much more can I crave for this dear fiery hottie? Mind you, I want her to swallow my giant burrito as a whole!

What’s in ThesSavannahSixx’s feed?

I already told you what you’ll find. I’m going to talk more about my personal experience. Since this is something I’m trying out for a review, I had to force myself to fap. Despite things like that being better when not forced, I didn’t need to anyway.

Savannah is the type of woman that will make you want to fap. The one you print posters of for your bedroom because you feel it’s in your best interest to spill cum on your blanket in the name of simping on a pornstar.

I see a lot of retweets from what I assume is her supporter and fan. By the way, she has a thing for flipping the birds a lot out there so when she tells you “fuck you,” you respond with “top or bottom?”

Final thoughts

I hope you liked everything I had to say in this short review of dear Savannah here. I sure as hell wanted to talk more but let me enjoy her OnlyFans first because the Twitter teases are no longer cutting it for me. I want more!

So should you but be sure you get to read her wants though. That’s the only way you can possibly get closer to her.

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