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SkipTheGames Review

SkipTheGames is like telling you to cut to the chase. Won’t you if it means cutting foreplay and jumping straight into the actual thing? I sure do!

What needs to be understood with this escort site though? Well, it means considering it an option when hookups seem dry and porn just isn’t cutting it anymore. Call it the alternative to Craigslist if things seem too creepy there

You’re already getting something as straight to the point like this on the website name alone. Why don’t I do the same and share my experience with you?

Feeling horny?

This is usually the part where I say welcome to the site or sharing what I see upon landing but this time, I’d rather tell you what my current horny self wants to say.

Once you get to the site, you won’t be met with a bunch of naked ladies and pornographic ads. It’s more of just the simple directory where you click through some classified ads that seem sketchy.

What I can say though is that this is more straight to the point than Tinder or an Adult Friend Finder. While these platforms look into playing games before the hookup, this one brings you straight to sex!

Online escort service

All you need is some extra money to spend and you’re good to go! You’re likely going to spend the same buying drinks in the hopes that she’s going home with you tonight, why not cut that BS and go through an online escort service, right?

At least you’re going to be throwing a couple of hundred bucks into straight-up sex rather than all the tiring sarging and talks you will do. Why else will it be called SkipTheGames, right?

The key here is finding some escorts in your city. You can navigate through and check out a woman you think will give you the best pleasure for the night. As the tagline says, “Skip the games. Get satisfaction.”

Breast and bust size might be a huge factor especially since you’re paying. Will you pay fortunes in a restaurant for something less meaty? Probably not. The same goes for this escort site too.

Even things such as social activities come into play. Do they drink? smoke? Maybe do a lot of drugs to forget your face? Kidding there. My point is that these things are indicated too!

Are you gay?

It’s an online escort service. Do you think they cater to just the horny males and the prosti females? There are male escorts here too!

There are a good amount of faggots here looking to be paid being themselves so it’s not just a pussy fest here. In fact, you might want to consider this site too if you’re looking to satisfy curiosities.

Experiencing SkipTheGames

I don’t want to give away much of what happened but I decided I had a few hundred to spare. That meant checking out a few of my options in my trip to Toronto for a Raptors game.

Winning a few hundred betting on the home team was a good payoff for when I checked this site. Canadian women know how to have it hot and if they are making a living out of their looks, then I’m all for it!

That said, all I can tell you is that you need to respect her boundaries and limitations because you’re only paying for the pussy and not her life. Just some friendly advice there, buddy!

Final thoughts on SkipTheGames

With skipping, games come skipping the lengthy searches too and filtering out your taste or fetish. That said, the profiles of the escorts include basic and vital stats which may or may not be a factor when it comes to your ideal sex worker.

I like this rather than jerking off to porn when in a foreign city. That’s what sites like these are for, right? Well, you’re in luck because I sort of walked you through the entire experience already.

It actually reminds me of EscortAlligator, which I already tried using during my trip to Europe. I say SkipTheGames is something I will consider again!

Pros vs Cons

  • Worldwide reach
  • Legit escort pics
  • Prices should be indicated upfront

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