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MyEroLink Review

Everything You Need to Know About MyErolink

MyErolink is a tool created after a series of surveys. The report from these surveys showed that all cam models promote their content in more than one platform. They promote their content in such platforms as:

  • Instagram accounts 
  • Twitter accounts 
  • Official websites 
  • Pornhub profiles 
  • Profile on a cam website 
  • Amazon Wishlist etc. 

When it comes to sharing these platforms, a model can only share one at a time. For example, Twitter can only allow you to share one link at a time. The developers of MyErolink made it easy for every adult performer to share all his or her links. They created a tool that you can use to group all your links to one URL. Then share that URL to your audience. 

Creating an account is easy but you have to meet one condition. You must be an active cam performer. They will conduct a check to approve your information. If everything checks out, your profile will be posted. If you work very hard, it might appear on the first page. 

The website has not been in the market for long. However, it is establishing itself as one of the best. It is unique and it only features profiles of serious cam models. Both guys and girls. There is no other type of content displayed on the website. Not even the usual ads that most websites have. All the attention is to the models on the platform. 

First Experience 

Once you visit the official page, you will get to learn more than the site. You learn that the website is free of ads and it is free to create. You also learn that you can get more traffic on your profiles once you become a member. 

From there, the top profiles are displayed. The top profiles are for the models who have had the most views in the past month. For example, the top profile last month is Tiffany Daniels with over 12, 000 views. Then they explain how the whole things work. 

Making Money with MyErolink

One distinguishing feature about this platform is that you can make extra money from it. You get a chance to share your URL with ease and make a wider reach. You also get a chance to make money via their affiliate program. If you are serious about making money, you can make thousands of dollars by just referring members. 

Benefits of MyErolink


  • Free To Join 


If a thing is free to join it only means you have nothing to lose. If it does not work out for you, you can just abandon the account. Most platforms that are free to join are usually loaded with ads. MyErolink is not like that, there are zero ads to ensure maximum attention is given to the models. 


  • Optimized Profiles 


There is nothing better in marketing than appearing on the first page of google. We all know it is not easy but it is possible. MyErolink optimizes all the profiles to increase traffic towards them. The more the traffic, the more visibility on google. They also link their site with your official website. Increasing visibility even more. 


  • Chance to Make Money 


Cam modeling is a career just like any other. The main goal is most definitely to make money. What can be better than making more money from doing what you love? You will still make money from your content and more money by referring members to cam sites. Their partnership with Crakrevenue makes it possible. 


  • Makes Your Work Easier 


The main goal for MyErolink is to make work easier for all adult performers. It manages this by making it easy for members to manage their social accounts. You can be able to see the number of views you got on Pornhub. People followed your link from Instagram and Twitter. Reply to comments and tweets. All that from the platform. It also saves you a headache in case you forget your passwords! 


  • Safe to Use 


MyErolink has a .com extension. This means it can be trusted and it is safe to browse. Also, there haven’t been threats reported by any of their users. You have nothing to fear or to lose when using the platform. 

Final Thoughts 

Promoting your content as an adult performer is not easy. It requires you to use several platforms and managing all of them can be tricky. Luckily, MyErolink makes it easier for you. It allows you to create a unique single link that you can use to promote all your links. It also gives you a chance to make money on top of it. This is a platform we highly recommend.

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