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Shadbase Review

If you haven’t heard of this guy yet, it’s high time you were introduced. Take a deep breath and step into the Shadbase, showcasing all the work of a longtime content creator named Shaddai Prejean. Colloquially referred to as the Shädman, he has released premium XXX aesthetics on just about anything and everything that can be made into a porno. Regardless of whether it’s a naughty depiction of the most popular cartoons or a serious stretch of the imagination with mythological creatures—you name it, Shädman’s published it. 

With that said, it’s important that you enter this domain with an open mind. This isn’t your everyday porn site; it’s full of controversial and niche content, so it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. You’re unlikely to enjoy all of his works, but at the very least you’ll get a kick out of how far he’s taken the Rule 34: anything that exists on the Internet can be turned into pornography.


There’s a lot to take in when you step into this website. Shädman has been in the industry for years, so his Shadbase is filled to the brim with everything he’s worked on—both in pornography and in other cartoons.

The Shadbase homepage is filled with his art. It’s in the background, on the cover photo, in the logo, over the icons. As you scroll down, you are shown his blog posts as well as his latest video on Youtube. 

To the right side of the blog section, Shadbase has a bunch of ads as well as icons that lead to his other social media sites. 

I would say that his website is a bit cluttered and as a result, it can be a little overwhelming. Take your time to process everything that he’s laid out before you proceed—trust me, you haven’t seen anything yet.


The archive section leads to an artistic portrayal of all the subsections that are available for your perusal. Once you enter a certain niche, the website sorts the comics according to the date posted. Note that there is no other search filter for his work, so you’ll need to go through his content from the most recent to the oldest by default.

Shädman does not usually post any full-length comics. These are mostly small ideas and plotlines that have been transformed and reinvented. Some of the categories require a little context, so here are short descriptions of what you can expect from each subsection:

  • Everything: The Everything Section is a massive compilation of all the content that Shadbase has published.
  • Comics: A bulk of the Shadbase website is found here. It’s a collection of original content mixed in with parodies sourced from whatever has been popular on the internet.
  • Pinups: Beautifully rendered digital art of women from all sorts of mediums have been sorted into this category.
  • Traps: A subsection dedicated to aesthetic depictions of trans women in tons of compromising situations.
  • Yuri: So far the most vanilla niche you can find on the website. A category for lesbian pornography.
  • JLullaby: This appears to be a compilation of otherworldly porn comics that have been created by another author. It includes panels on aliens, furries, and other strange supernatural creatures doing the dirty.
  • Spazkid: Planning on revisiting your childhood from a different perspective? Here is where the Shädman has sorted the cartoons we’ve grown up with, reimagined in several naughty situations.


Just to get an idea of how prolific the Shadbase is, here’s his current fanbase in numbers:

  • Subreddit: 50,000 subscribers
  • Youtube: 303,000 subscribers
  • Twitch Channel: 153,169 followers
  • Twitter: 587,000 followers
  • Instagram: 418,000 followers
  • Facebook Page: 338,048 likes
  • Steam Group: 27,326 members

Clearly, we aren’t dealing with just about any porno enthusiast. Shädman is especially popular on Youtube because he posts speed drawings of some of his works. There are tons of bonus materials that you can use to entertain yourself on his channel, and watching him go about his creative process is almost hypnotic.

Final Verdict

While most of his works may be a little dubious and even offensive, Shädman is an extremely talented artist who has made a name for himself well throughout the years. If you’re a thrill-seeker who is looking to expand their horizons on what can be turned into pornography, then the Shadbase is hands down the first place you should visit.

One concern I had regarding this website is that it is not equipped with an SSL/TLS certificate. Browse through this domain with care and make sure that you’ve got cybersecurity measures in place before you enter.


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