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Hentai2Read Review

I’ve been looking for a place to consume some nice manga lately. Good thing I’ve been able to chance upon Hentai2Read here!

This place has been a revelation to me! It felt like walking into a book sale and scoring a pot of gold when I went out! That’s what I found on this adult comic site featuring some good finds!

While I only discovered this site as of late, they have been in the game since 2011. That means a decade’s worth of hot content that will suddenly make you a bookworm!

Welcome to Hentai2Read

Seek and you shall find. That’s the point of this online manga site. You’re already going to see a bunch of options upon landing. If you are pretty new to this kind of thing, you will be both educated and indoctrinated on how the anime side of things works.

It might make you look like you were born yesterday though because the illustrations of the females portrayed in these adult comics are picture perfect! it’s a good thing this is an online platform because if not, you might be gluing pages together with your cum!

The hentai manga on the site is sorted between the top, trending, and the spotlights on the site. The front pages alone are enough for a quick fap if you’re into anime porn.

Kinky Japanese categories

Hentai is a Japanese word. Therefore, you get to select between a wide range of categorical choices such as doujinshi, tankoubon, yuri, and yaoi aside from popular and trending.

Of course, there are also the popular hentai sections like anal, tentacles, lactation, and even futanari and bukkake! It’s a pretty wide but decent selection if you ask me.

Publishers are also allowed to get some clout for their talents. Author’s names, as well as the ratings for their works, are on display so you get an idea which ones are the good finds.

Mobile optimization

I know you’re not likely to bring a laptop in public just to view Hentai2Read. Spare yourself the shame and make do with its mobile version where you get pretty much the same features.

You can switch to the infinite reading option so you can rely on scrolling more than swiping if you feel like reading a certain manga that way. Since the pages take up the whole screen, you’re going to be able to read the dialogue clearly like you’re reading social media comments.

One thing I suggest you watch out for though is the ads. It’s a small price to pay to tap that X on the ads in exchange for an unlimited access to the best nude comics online!

What’s good about Hentai2Read?

I already told you how I loved the good mobile optimization. Just get a max-sized smartphone and you can enjoy everything. It’s like Instagram except I’m reading comics and viewing nude cartoons instead of girls in bikinis.

Just check out the popular ones if you’re a first-timer. That’s actually what I did to enjoy everything on this hentai manga site. I’m taking a break from cartoon porn in exchange for these good reads though.

Final Thoughts

Truth be told, this site gave me a whole new appreciation for Japanese anime porn. Since I’m kinda tied up to the adult entertainment biz, it’s a good thing to carry along when I’m having that me-time in a coffee shop.

All I needed to do was bring my iPad and it was all good for me while sipping that warm cup of latte. has such an impressive catalog and I’ve got to give credit to this website for making me love illustrations.

I suggest you visit the site while taking a dump so you can multitask with your masturbation so you get to do it during the day. That way, it won’t be a hindrance to your work and errands.

Why am I even talking about when you fap? Well, that’s because the friend that recommended this site to me did the same so go on and spread the word!

Pros vs Cons

  • Good reads
  • Entertaining hentai comics
  • Diverse Japanese categories
  • Competitive nature of Manga

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