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Efukt Review

Sex doesn’t always need to be sexy. Sometimes, a special person will come along and make it funny too. That’s what the creator of Efukt brought into existence; this website is a weird mix of the humorous and the titillating, and somehow it all works out just fine.

Here’s to looking at pornography in a different way; where the end goal isn’t just about your physical pleasure and satisfaction. Efukt is a website that filters and uploads content submitted by its users for everyone else’s entertainment. Sometimes it’s a turn-on, but most of the time it’s either weird or funny. Read on to find out more about this outlier in the porn industry.


The man behind the site is only known as Duran. Not much is known about him beyond his screen name, but he does work with a team of IT experts across the United States. Duran has dedicated his entire life to the website, and has been running it since 2011.

Duran’s first brush with Efukt was with the help of Efukt’s original founder, known only as Deven. A few years into the business, Deven passed on managing and editing the website to Duran.

From there, Duran has been in charge and his online presence remains prominent. He remains active and communicative to the site’s users on Reddit. He is still very much dedicated to Efukt’s maintenance and upkeep.


When you enter the website, the first image to greet you will be a full-body picture of an owl with a human penis. It was originally fan art drawn on a piece of wood. This has been Efukt’s spirit animal for the longest time.

Below this banner, you can get straight to browsing Efukt content. It is all laid out in news feed style, with the content, description, views, time span, author, and the main category displayed. When you’ve been directed to a post, you can start browsing quickly from one post to another by navigating with the left or right arrows.

The toolbar at the top of the page helps you navigate through the rest of the website. You can choose to browse videos, pics, and gifs. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a different flavor of entertainment then the Efukt toolbar also has an option to go to VR Sites, Live Sex, and “Inhumanity”, which is a site similar to Efukt in function and nature.

Efukt has gone easy on the advertisements. Apart from displaying its different affiliate and aggregator sites, you don’t run the risk of accidentally clicking on a shady portion of the webpage and getting redirected to a different place.


Ever wondered about the logic behind porn? Or at least, what everything looks like behind the scenes before all the music and editing and transitions? That’s what Efukt aims to uncover. From ridiculous orgasms to awkward moments, this website places a large spotlight on the funniest and weirdest parts of pornos so we can all have a good laugh or cringe. It analyzes porn as a performance and not the narrative that we’re used to seeing.


The Efukt has a lively community of users that send in content and interact with the ones already published across the website. It has an active forum and even Duran himself actively interacts with the users.

I would say that viewing everything that this site has to offer is really only half of the fun. The rest is in jumping in and interacting with other users as well. Due to Efukt’s infamy, its reach has spilled outside the platform and even entered the Reddit sphere.

One thing I would advise newcomers to do is to exercise viewer’s discretion. There are a lot of posts on this website that may not be funny or newsworthy for people with a sensitive temperament.

Final Verdict

Overall, you don’t go to Efukt for pleasure. You mostly scroll through the website for a good laugh or as a pastime. It’s a refreshing new take on the porn industry as a whole and showcases a side of pornography that we sometimes wonder about but never really think of all the way through.

I appreciate how this website has crafted an entirely different name and identity for itself in the porn industry. It is not like any other site that showcases porn images, videos, and models. In fact, I’ve been clear in saying that its main purpose is not to get you off (but it’s a pleasant byproduct of your visit, if ever). Its ultimate goal is to entertain—and it does a great job.

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