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Pornhub Premium Gay Review

PornHub is one of the biggest adult entertainment sites in the world. It just makes sense that a premium version for the gay guys are going to be an option!

That’s what brought me to watch these gay porn videos on the site. Curiosity struck me however when I started thinking, how much better the paid version will be?

Since I’m the man that pays for premium access to get rid of pests and get closer to the action, I figured that I could extend the same courtesy to the men that have massive veiny cocks but want the same thing as they have in their mouth and up their asses!

Now is the time I talk about PornHub gay premium and all I found in it.

Lots of premium gay porn!

PornHub is so big that the talent and categories are extremely diverse! If you’re watching porn, you might even take a long time browsing through categories rather than the actual fap sessions.

I know some of you might be extremely homophobic and want to focus on heterosexual porn mostly but gay stuff is not for everyone. That means you’re going to need to skip this but it won’t stop me from talking about how good the premium faggot porn is here!

As much as I love fucking women, I sometimes scan through the gay side of things to make sure I get some tips I can take to hooking up with the fems.

Largest gay category online!

Being the biggest general porn tube site has already been the narrative of this conglomerate. What makes it even more special is the fact that you will find here the same things you search for elsewhere.

Aside from the new and popular uploads, categories such as Anal, Teen, Bondage, Amateur, etc also apply when it comes to gay content. These are just some of the genres the fellow fairies dig.

The site simply knows what you want and will stop and nowhere to give it to you, especially if you’re paying for it!

Top gay porn studios galore!

Since you’re paying for premium, you might as well see the stuff that had a lot of production value put into it, right? Well, that’s what you’re getting with these big-budget gay fuck-flicks that will likely suit your preference.

Another option here is the home videos because porn has evolved and when we say home videos, it’s something similar to live sex cams or nude vlogs if you are into all those modern-day shit.

Namedropping the top porn studios will be unfair to the rest which is why as blunt and honest as I am, I’d rather not have to pick sides here. All channels have both professional and homemade content to play around with

How about cam guys doing stuff live? That’s another good option.

What else does it offer?

Well, what else does this gay porn platform offer aside from premium content that you’re likely to shove up your ass with a sex toy, there are also pictures for you to take along with you if you want to imagine yourself doing the ass smashing!

I personally snagged some of the nude pics to share with my gay friends that give me female hookups out of their flirty friend inventory. It’s one of my ways to give back because, on top of all the gay shit here, all they ask me is a piece of what I pay for.

How many times have you caught a gay friend browsing for nude stuff on your computer’s web browser? Well, why not share your premium membership with them as you are granting them access to pictures, live cams, and uninterrupted content all for their viewing pleasure.

We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of gay porn content online. I won’t believe you if you tell me you didn’t find some gems.

Final thoughts

You’re never going to be short of quality when it comes to PornHub. It’s a free porn tube site first before premium so that means you’re getting content from the lowest to the highest level.

It’s safe to say that it’s one of the richest XXX sources online regardless of category. The gay section of PornHub alone beats other top gay porn sites on the internet. Plus, the age of consciousness has helped their market share in the industry.

I simply suggest going right away for only the highest quality since you’re paying. You can save the LQ porn shit for the free access. If you sign up for premium, you might as well view the top studio channels!

As heterosexual as I am, I can vouch for the rainbow community with a thumbs up to PornHub gay premium!

Pros vs Cons

  • Top premium platform
  • Tons of exclusive gay content
  • Top gay porn studios
  • Saturation is inevitable

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