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JerkingMen Review Review

JerkingMen is one of the more up-and-coming gay cam sites online. It’s a startup that’s bound to boom as time goes by. Am I claiming it? Yes I’m sure about this!

Why am I saying such? Because this platform has been a healthy source for all the chatting and flirting on live cams online regardless of gender and sex. Add to that the fact that this platform is filled with all the hottest girls online who just want to have fun and enjoy the show.

What about the guys though? Do they get a piece of the action too? These are things that I want to talk about especially since I want to invest a bit of fandom into this adult cam platform.

Welcome to JerkingMen


Well, JerkingMen is a subproduct of JerkMate. You’ll see the resemblance in the site design, the content, and of course, the logo!

His name is Jerky. A mascot who’s going to be with you along the way as you get the best gay action of your life. If Jerkmate says you’ll never jerk off alone again, well, the same should apply for these homo sex-hungry individuals who can’t think straight in terms of sexuality.

Now, with a bunch of you curious about what this hot cam action is all about, there’s a twinkle on these twinks eyes that will charm you into their live streaming.

Signing up for JerkingMen

Signing up for JerkingMen is pretty much like other cam sites. You’ll need to enter your details in order for them to gather all the info needed to make you connect with your fellow faggots out there.

Creating an account here is legit because after signing up, you’ll need to verify your email in order to be an official member of the platform. After that, it’s your turn to select whether you’re sticking with the basic plan or premium. The latter has more features and more fun of course!

What else is there to enjoy once you’ve been officially part of the JerkingMen platform, unlimited free chats, and of course, you can command them to do what you want if you pay the right price!

Experiencing the site

Well, this cam site has quite the reach. With such diverse filters to cater to your taste, you can select among the blacks, Hispanics, and even some worldwide flavors like Asians and Europeans!

Mind you, these hot gay men online are looking to perform and would not hesitate to give it all to you especially if you are a premium member. That’s because premium access unblocks plenty of features that you can enjoy such as emailing the cam guys directly and connecting with your favorite cam guy on a more intimate level.

While some will say that it’s just another adult chat site, it begs to differ as well because first, it specializes in gay cams, and second, filtering through its cutting edge system will lead you to exactly what you want!

As for cam quality, you wouldn’t be shortchanged in the department too because you’re going to encounter a lot of HD gay cams. The grain in their streams is more of an internet issue rather than technical. At least for my experience though.

Final Thoughts

Well, overall, I can say that I had a good time watching some HD sex cams from these twinks who like flipping their meat online. Gay benefactors are common in the entertainment industry but in the adult side of things? You need to be the benefactor!

I can only imagine the joy in the faces of these guys who make money by just being a faggot. It’s a dream life for them and if you ask me, I am considering pretending to be rainbow and broadcast my schlong on JerkingMen.

The bottom line here is that if you’re looking for a bonafide gay webcam platform, you might as well consider JerkingMen because like it’s mother site Jerkmate, it can be really promising for you!

As for my seal of approval, I’ve spent a ton of time already building up this cam site of epic proportions. It’s your turn to do your part and tell me that I am right.

You’re welcome!

Pros vs Cons

  • Underrated performers
  • Wild fun gays
  • Good affiliations
  • Fairly new
  • Some are newbies

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