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ManPorn Review

Another pretty straightforward site you need to know about is ManPorn. Just like the name of the site suggests, it’s filled with all the NSFW man stuff you see online.

I can talk all day about this gay porn site because it feels like how adult sites were back in the boom of that era. While the design and the video qualities may be stuck in the mid-2010s, at least it’s still worth enjoying every minute of it!

Why am I even talking so highly about this porn site? Well, here’s what I found upon entering!

Welcome to ManPorn

Do you know what I felt upon landing? It seemed like this gay porn site is a CCTV in an office full of faggots! That’s how it made me feel because honestly, maybe some of the entries here are stolen CCTV footage for all I know.

The highlight of this porn site is the content that seems like a collection of videos contributed by the loyal fans of the site online. While of course, that’s how all tube sites started, ManPorn focused on men and what they do when the horniness kicks in.

Some can be even considered borderline scandalous if you ask me. The type that if your boss sees it at work or your wife or girlfriend finds out, you’re dead!

Well, that’s what ManPorn is!

A bunch of amateur male videos

That’s real talk. ManPorn is filled with amateurs that seem to not know but they are doing but winging things through experience. I like the fact that these faggots are so used to cock that the videos turn out pretty decent despite its nature.

All the thumbnails I see on the site are filled with either cocksucking or gay couples filming themselves and leaking them online. Mind you, some might be considered scandalous already if they live in a small town.

Maybe it’s a good place to kickstart being a faggot for a living? I’m not opposed to it for as long as they are happy. It seems like ManPorn is filled with such anyway.

The ManPorn experience

What I can say about ManPorn here is that these twinks seem to be having fun. It manifests in their performances because the spontaneous, the better, right?

Well, I just like the fact that these guys have the guts to upload their stuff online with no regard for what the people around them will say. I dig heterosexual porn but still was entertained with these homosexuals!

It’s something I would browse using mobile data and take it to truck stops for a quick loner fap if I were gay. ManPorn is alright if we are talking about amateur content. Worry no more because if you’re gay, you need to dig for some underrated gems here!

Final thoughts

I seriously consider watching the content on ManPorn if only it had more females in it! Still, it’s still a good platform for all of you looking for some sneak footage. Amateur at its finest if you ask me!

Well, I ought to find the female version of this site because I am one for these types of videos. In fact, I can even submit the consensual tapes I filmed for my hookups or maybe start my own site on it.

The bottom line here is that even though it doesn’t have much HD content, it can still get you off especially if you’re a faggot who’s into a voyeur.

Pros vs Cons

  • Sex tape feel
  • Lots of hidden gay porn gems
  • Spontaneous material
  • Add more homegrown content
  • Needs to be known more

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