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XHamster Review

Do you find this site’s name cute? 

Some kids were duped that Xhamster is a place where people upload photographs of their fluffy pets. If that’s true, then that would be really adorable!

However, all this platform has to offer are hardcore clips filmed in different well-known studios and of course, amateur content

Xhamster is one of the most popular adult content sites in the industry with a global ranking of #59 – and PornHub ranks #27! That only proves how prominent this website is!

With that said, you can probably expect a lot of good stuff from this platform. It has millions of visitors and has already spent a decade in the trade. The team behind it has certainly crafted Xhamster close to perfection!

Now, let’s learn more about this site –  both the good and the bad. 

Xhamster First Impression

Did you know that you can determine if a site is a winner or a loser just by assessing your first experience with it? 

There are several websites that have poor designs that can make you want to leave as soon as you enter its homepage. 

Fortunately, with Xhamster, it has made a great job of giving the best first impression. 

When you visit this platform, you’ll see 10 “hot porn videos”. If you don’t like what you see, you can click the “refresh” button. Don’t worry, it won’t reload the whole page – clicking refresh would only switch the contents to a different set. 

Below that area, you can find the newest scenes. 

Here’s the best part, Xhamster uploads 3,000 new clips every day!

Can you believe that? 

You can spend your whole life watching every flick on this website and we’re pretty sure that you can’t keep up with the updates! Not unless you watch several videos at once using various monitors. 

That sounds like a great idea but that would definitely cost you an arm and a leg. Even if you’re a wealthy individual, you can’t afford to just sit all day and watch those videos! That only means that you have a lot of options on Xhamster!

You can even sort the materials according to length and user ratings. Awesome, right?

There are even several viewing options that you can choose from. It depends on your personal preference whether you would want to check out each video or prioritize the ones with VR-enabled or HD labels. 

Only a few adult content platforms offer this kind of feature and it’s great to see that Xhamster is doing everything to keep up with the modernization in the porn market. 

Lastly, in the left area of the website’s homepage, you can find the list of categories that it has to offer – and most of them are well-known niches!

It has classics like teen, lesbian, massage, blowjob, amateur, and Asian. 

Unlike other sites, the Xhamster’s contents are properly tagged. When you’ve visited other adult platforms, you might notice how they just flood a certain category with a massive number of videos that don’t fit in the niche’s description. 

Fortunately, with this website, you won’t have that problem! They’re making labeling and sorting stuff like a walk in the park!

Xhamster Quality

While browsing the Web page, you would be in awe with its quality. But once you select a video that turns you on, you’d also realize that it has the same superbness!

It has a similar design like YouTube – with all the control buttons in the same places. You have the option to toggle the clip in full-screen or play it in slow motion. 

The only downside when it comes to its interface is it doesn’t display a thumbnail when you hover your mouse over the time bar. Without that, the viewer wouldn’t have a clue of where he is in the scene. 

If there’s anything that the team behind Xhamster can improve, it’s that “mini-thumbnail” feature. 

What if you see something that you really like and would prefer to save it for later? 

No worries because you can definitely make use of the download button to store them locally. 

If you have access to a good internet connection, you can download a 200mb video with 720p quality in just a matter of 12 seconds!  Well, we do hope that you have a fast internet speed so you can do everything in a jiffy!

The internet is the limit, right?

Xhamster Premium Membership

Do you want to avail of a Gold Membership

It will cost you $19.99 per month and you can pay it via Paypal or credit card. 

Getting an optimum viewing experience is essential during solitary evenings. So why not elevate your options by visiting Xhamster now?

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