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MsSarahVandella Review

I don’t know why but I’m pretty much drawn to Sarah Vandella at the moment. I just don’t know why I followed @MsSarahVandella on Twitter despite already knowing what I’m getting.

Sarah is someone I have already been watching since the days of porn. She’s one of my favorite lesbian porn performers because that’s what a blonde with a borderline MILFy vibe has to sell.

I like the taboo fantasies too and there’s a lot more but we’re not here to talk purely about her porn works. It’s her social media engagements we ought to be discussing and Sarah has another side to her she only shares on her socials.

@MsSarahVandella on Twitter

Her last name sounds like vandalism and seeing her Twitter feed seems like vandalism to the adult entertainment industry. Well, you can’t blame her for showing her other side on Twitter. Well, at least she’s let down a wall on her socials.

While all social media influencers are fakes, it’s a sigh of relief that you have someone like Sarah here who’s willing to show some realness to her. She has her OnlyFans pages anyway for you to enjoy if you feel like it’s more up your alley.

If you search for Sarah Vandella on the free porn tube sites, you might see her in more hot lesbian action than heterosexual porn. Well, that’s something you would want her to do for a little bit of ego-stroking.

How good is her Twitter account?

I personally love Sarah’s fandom for vintage and throwbacks. She’d rather keep everything on certain platforms and I appreciate she still put a link to her OnlyFans in her bio.

What else can I say? I’m just a man simping to blacks and blondes. Those choices vary from time to time and I’m not a simp in real life. Just willing to chase if it’s someone like Sarah who plays the semi-keeper character.

If only she wasn’t in the deep but shallow world of adult entertainment, I could have used my charm to court her. But then, she’s likely promiscuous so I’ll just choose her porn tubes.

o hate intended for her Twitter page. I love the throwback but I hate the lack of nudity!

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