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katiekushxx2 Review

The name Katie Kush has been thrown around tons of times. It just makes sense that people will take to Twitter to find out what the buzz is all about katiekushxx2!

Katie here is someone who makes frequent appearances on Naughty America. Well, that’s where she thrives the most because apparently, you can see the feature on her Twitter cover photo!

Kush is something hardcore stoners would want to smoke and when you’ve got an adult entertainer as smoking hot! Everybody watches!

What’s with her social media handle? That’s what I want to share with you!

@katiekushxx2 on Twitter

I’ve been seeing Katie for quite some time now being soaked in adult content. She’s one of the pornstars I pretty much enjoy like that slutty hot colleague at work.

Katie pretty much throws that vibe and she takes to Twitter to manifest that! Her eyes have that look that will ask you to come to her place at night for sex. Maybe even in the empty stock room of the office!

Her Twitter is an extension of that and I’m happy I came across something closer to her such as her socials. She does live cams too and you’ll be updated if only you followed her!

How good is her Twitter account?

Katie can get pretty spontaneous with her Twitter account. Those nudes that aren’t allowed to be posted elsewhere, you can find it @katiekushxx2! She also plugs some stuff there that’s not safe for IG.

She’s out there promoting her Manyvids and OnlyFans platforms with some snippets of her that can also be standalone as fap material. It’s safe to say I already feel fulfilled because it felt like I have done a quickie with her just looking at her Twitter page.

It might take some time though before I go simping to her on OnlyFans. I already have a lot of ebony subscriptions I have to trim off to give way to Katie.

If there’s one good thing though, I have her on my own Naughty America access which is why I’m good with that and her Twitter!

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