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Jewelz Blu Review

Will I get copyrighted if I talk about a story about a little girl that makes my blue world and all day and all night and all I see is blue, inside and outside. She’s Jewelz_Blue, da ba dee da ba da!

That just came out of my mouth delivered by hand subliminally because all I think of whenever I see dear Jewelz here is blue! I always wanted to fuck girls with blue hair. It reminds me of Sarah Wynter in one of those movies where she kept changing hair color.

I blame her for fantasizing about girls like Jewelz here who literally makes my world blue! Let’s get things rolling, shall we?

@Jewelz_Blu on Twitter

Her Twitter account looks like an extension of that blue world that Eiffel65 sang. How many pop culture references have I mentioned already? Well, adult entertainment alone is a culture of pops from cocks!

Even her contents have blue lighting in them because why not, right? It’s pretty much the background lighting we would want to see out of a cyber universe of live sex cam shows!

I am assuming she’s got a lot of content on those because these are the things pornstars are good at! have you seen Jewelz_Blu in a blue lingerie in heels that match her hair tone? It’s extremely hot!!!

How good is her Twitter account?

Jewelz_Blu is someone you wish to follow on Twitter when you look to relax. What’s so relaxing about sexual content? It’s actually more of the color that makes you relax despite the NSFW nature.

It’s all good if you ask me. I just love how this girl knows how to market herself for guys to drool over her. While some make desperate attempts to wear wigs, she wore hers as a brand!

Need I mention that she literally looks like an anime character? It makes her even more fuckable if you ask me!

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