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GayMaleTube Review

Gay men are no exception when it comes to having a hard time finding the right porn that would give them a good frig. When we’re looking at gay porn, we often have trouble deciding what to view or where to watch it, but this site comes to our rescue.

Without further ado, from the makers of Lobstertube, I present you GayMaleTube– another porn aggregator specially made for gay men.

Welcome to GayMaleTube

The format of the site is something that I am familiar with. This is not my first time landing on a site with rows of thumbnails on it as if it was a private folder of a porn collection.

You have some small choices at the top of the site, such as showing only the popular or new videos and filtering the search by popularity, date, and duration.

This site is no different from the site made for straight people, except that it features male-to-male intercourse. This, too, offers varieties of kinks that will surely make the gay dudes want them to be the cast.

A diverse list of gay performers

It’s normal to whine when a porn site provides no categories at all, but and the websites in its network have so much to give; Bear, Latino, Black, Asian, twink, bareback, amateur, straight, name it! You will find it there. You are most likely to discover more once you scroll down; there’s a long list of different categories and names of adult actors.

However, some viewers are irritated by this since the list looks to be repetitious. There are so many tags, as they say, and even claim that some of them are “useless”. If you believe it’s overreacting, all you have to do is go to their webpage and scroll down all the way to the bottom.

Signing up and experiencing GayMaleTube

Because it’s an aggregator, there’s no need to join, sign up, or pay anything. Perhaps the only time you’ll pay for porn is if you click on a video that directs you to a premium membership site. It is, however, up to the spectator to decide whether or not to indulge in pornography.

GayMaleTube isn’t a porn site but a host site. While the suggested clips appear to be from this site, when you click on the clip, you will be redirected to the original source. The good thing about this is that it leads you to some of the most reputable gay porn sites out there, so no worries. It won’t give your device some petty virus or any sort of bug

This site is free from ads, too, which is good because I know we are all tired of seeing these supplement ads that claim to make your dick 10 times bigger.

Well, there are tons of videos and categories to choose from, so I’m sure that there is something that would turn the viewer on, at least. You may be sure to discover almost everything here, from hot homemade content to the most recent gay porn from premium sites.

Final Thoughts is a large database of gay pornographic films.

Generally, I believe that everyone who enjoys high-quality gay pornography will like the stuff has to offer. From the lovely world of amateurs to the world of pornstars, you have a plethora of categories and tags to explore. Because the videos are shared from other websites, their quality and length may vary, but this should not be a major concern.

Well, I guess it’s not that bad though. It’s quite convenient after all. Let’s just don’t mind the long, repetitive list of petty tags.


Pros vs Cons

  • Pretty straightforward
  • Decent selection
  • Large network
  • No live thumbnails

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