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Emma Hix Review

We got an adult entertainment A-lister here and her name is EMMAHIXOFFICIAL!

I consider her an A-lister because she doesn’t only look like a Playboy playmate. She literally is one too! It’s pretty understandable since she’s Canadian. There’s a gene in them that screams hotness if you are blonde.

There’s also “18+ Playboy AllStar” on her profile means she’s pretty flexed her credentials on her bio already. Hugh Hefner was so surrounded with hotties that he isn’t aware that some of his bunnies were slipping nudity into their socials!

Rest in peace Hef, I’ll pick up from here and build up this blonde bunny of yours.

@emmahixofficial on Twitter

EMMAHIXOFFICIAL has got a good mix of wholesome teases and mild nudity on her Twitter feed. It helps to know that she’s a playmate because it adds to the excitement factor when she goes full nude.

While not all are fortunate enough to enter the Playboy mansion, you can at least get a sneak peek through her socials on what happens behind closed gates. That type of nudity walking around is something you would want to ornament your domicile shall you own a whore mansion!

It’s safe to say that Emma has one of the hottest Twitter feeds across adult entertainment because that’s pretty much what being a bunny can do to your portfolio. You best bet she gets paid more than porn stars ranked higher than her. You’re even lucky you’re getting to see a lot more than she should show considering she’s one of Hef’s former bunnies.

How good is her Twitter account?

I keep bringing up Playboy because it’s definitely what makes her even hotter. She could have just been a blonde Canadian porn star with a profile but being what she definitely adds some magnitude to her name.

It would be unfair to associate everything with her Playboy accolades because she’s just as good in her own right. We just need to appreciate it even more because other than that, you’re in for a surprise. You might just hop on the bandwagon if you’re not a believer right now.

If true fans know something about supporting certain talents, they hate bandwagoners. That means you should appreciate her more than just her past works.

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