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DyrtyBlonde Review

Doesn’t her name say it alone? The fact that she calls herself DyrtyBlonde and makes it her official social media handle speaks a lot about her!

How many of you are fans of this dirty gal? I as one can tell you that I like what I’m seeing from her. She’s someone you ought to enjoy on a personal note rather than the things she has to show and say. Wait, let me revise that because I care about what she shows!

If that makes sense, let’s talk about one of the NSFW Twitters that I want to share with you. While Riley Reid is still an apple of my biases, I tend to be fair because all pornstars have something to offer.

If you’re finding it hard to decide, I’ll help you make some diversions.

@DyrtyBlonde on Twitter

The fact that I want to speak highly of her is because I have seen this adult entertainer by the name of Bridgette B perform and she’s indeed one dirty bitch!

I want to emphasize that she knows her worth and it’s not for free which is why she doesn’t give much like the others on her Twitter feed. It’s usually linked to her OnlyFans page because you need to pay to see her.

If I want to see some Bridgette B nudity, I’d better check the porn tube sites for that. But to be fair, she does give away some of herself from time to time. It’s just the better versions that are worth paying for.

Blondies tend to be slutty and being associated with adult entertainment amplifies that. Instead of complaining about the lack of teases, you better enjoy her other places else.

How good is her Twitter account?

Well, to be fair, her Twitter account is still some sort of a rich source because it is the place where you can see her plug the rich sources of her socials. She might not give it straight-up but isn’t that the rule of seduction?

What else can I say? I was still able to fap on the little nudes she gives off. There’s just something about dirty blondes that make me want them despite already knowing what I’m getting.

All I can advise for now is to check out her Twitter from time to time the same way you press the I am lucky button on Google. You might indeed just be fortunate upon the first land!

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