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CelebJihad Review

There are tons of nude celebrity photo sites all over the Web and most of them are carbon copies of each other. Well, I guess, it’s not a crime to copy another person’s idea especially when it comes to sexual stuff. After all, people are going to check it out and won’t care who among you did it first. 

But to my surprise, I found an online platform that begs to differ. It’s called CelebJihad. It has leaked photos and sex tapes of celebrities just like any other celebrity-dedicated platform on the internet. What makes it extra special is the funny description included that seems to come from a radical and hypocritical Muslim character. 

CelebJihad is a sort of blog that features different celebrities who are showing off some skin or are totally naked. I guess those explicit materials make the above-mentioned character go on a mini tirade. 

Its content ranges from paparazzi pictures and magazine covers to full-length sex videos. But of course, some of those are fakes. Although most look awesome and erotic, some are too obvious. 

When I visited the website, I found famous personalities, models, actresses, and singers. I think it’s worth noting that the platform works well. Unfortunately, downloading their stuff isn’t possible, and adjusting playback quality is not available. 

On top of that, CelebJihad has a simple interface with a few tabs on top of the page which are the A-Z list, Popular Celebs, New Posts, Celeb Videos, and Nude Celebs. I wasn’t able to find any sorting or filtering options, so I just had to flip through the pages to check out its content. There are a few redirects and pop-up ads on the homepage, but in my opinion, they’re not that annoying. 

I’ve to admit that I only visited this site for its funny character. The nude pics and vids of celebrities are only delish bonuses. 

CelebJihad’s homepage impression

I love kicking off my review with a quick description of the site’s homepage. 

Upon entering CelebJihad, I was greeted by a page jam-packed with all the recent celebrity selfies, sex tapes, and more. I guess the content on the left side of the screen is sorted according to the upload date. That means the ones on the top are the latest releases. While on the right side is the “Popular Posts”. This is where you’ll see posts that have the most views and comments. 

Both of these features are good as it can help you see the latest and most popular stuff on CelebJihad. It’s simple and working — exactly the way I want it. 

CelebJihad’s smut is mixed with satire

One thing you might need to know about CelebJihad is it’s a self-proclaimed satire website. Despite all the sexually explicit content it offers, the team behind this platform still claims it’s not a porn site. I guess they have every right to say what they want about their creation. If they say it’s not an online porno place, then it’s not an online porno place, period.

However, what their visitors can see on their page is different. No matter how they skirt around on what they actually are, they can’t deny the fact they’re already considered a porno platform. I mean, if you’re posting porn materials to last a lifetime, then you’re a freaking porn site. 

Anyway, you might find loads of opinion pieces and in-depth satire on CelebJihad’s blog section. But in order for you to understand, you might need to get to know the character they want to portray. Well, I’ve to admit that their pieces are amusing. I’m not sure if they have only one writer or several writers to create those hilarious blogs. 

As its name suggests, this platform is a “not-porn porn-ish website” which was founded by Islamic fundamentalists. Hmm… I know you might have to read that sentence again as it doesn’t make sense. 

To clear the confusion, CelebJihad was created by a man named Durkha Mohammed. When he was young, he was given away to Christian Missionaries, and later in life, he learned about the “evils” of the female flesh from an Islamic Guru. I also found out he decided to settle down with his wife in Afghanistan (his home country). 

However, tragedy has struck their once happy married life when he came home one day and caught her reading People Magazine. As the virtuous Muslim man that he is, he felt like it’s his obligation to stone his wife to death right after catching her red-handed. 

He then moved to America where he dedicated his days to overthrowing the evils that have dominated the Western celebrity culture. He did that by creating a celeb gossip site and starting an all-out digital jihad. Oh, yes — Allahu Akbar!

I guess that’s a pretty decent story, huh? Well, I guess the authors behind CelebJihad are doing a great job in churning out off-color content to entertain people all over the world. 

When I tried navigating the blog section, I found rants and rave posts that might sound exactly the same when Osama and his buddies were throwing angry words at each other in the caves of Afghanistan.

One good example is the article that Durkha wrote about the first Harry Potter film where he talked about “perverse sexuality” and the glorification of paganism. He said things like the movie had some lewd stuff on it. But later on, he added that the 10-year-old Daniel Radcliffe is a good-looking kid on the eve of manhood. 

When I was reading that, I felt like I’m watching a Pakistani homophobe being angry about gays trying to overthrow our civilization while getting a sexy dance from a Bacha boy. If you can’t imagine what that is, then I guess you’re lucky because it’s as creepy as it sounds. 

So whoever the person or people are responsible for CelebJihad, I think they enjoy making radical religious types of people angry. And they can write good jokes, too. I’ve never had a good laugh for quite a long time. Thanks to this not-porn porn site. 

CelebJihad has a celebrity gossip column

Aside from hilarious posts and nude celebs, I also found gossip columns I think are very shallow. I mean, I don’t think they expect the readers to take those seriously. 

From my point of view, those gossips sound like the immature stuff that 13-year-olds would come up with in middle school. Or worse, it can be the gossip rags that you can usually find in grocery store checkout counters. 

Apparently, CelebJihad doesn’t want to be identified as another digital gossip rag. That’s why in their disclaimer, they were saying they’re a satirical website. They publish fiction, opinions, assumptions, speculation, rumors, and factual information. 

The writer also added that the information found on the platform may or may not be true and must not be taken as facts. They ended the disclaimer by saying that the people who run CelebJihad couldn’t guarantee the validity of their claims. 

Aside from having satire posts and nude images and videos, the rest of the content can be funny or contain some nonsense information. Some of it might not make sense, but at least, they’re entertaining for those who read them.

To sum it up, CelebJihad’s blog section can be a hit or a miss. As for the rest of the platform, they’re a bit sketchy for me. 

CelebJihad has decent video content

Apparently, you’ve been waiting for this part. As a porn lover, all you might be interested in are the x-rated videos that can get your blood pumping in no time. 

But I think it’s best that we start with the vanilla content on CelebJihad. I found a lot of materials that are of the public domain. I don’t think those celebrities care that their nudes are all over the place. After all, some of those naked pics can be found on other places on the internet. 

During my visit, I watched grainy footage of Paris Hilton doing some softcore action. Also, there were photo and video compilations of Emilia Clarke’s sexy scenes. 

What excites me the most is the simulated sex scene from Game of Thrones. Well, I’m a big fan, so I was overjoyed to see that on CelebJihad. 

When it comes to quality, it’s not that bad. But of course, you can find better quality elsewhere. 

There were also a bunch of photoshopped pictures depicting particular celebrities doing all kinds of kinky stuff. So if you’re into decent quality digitally altered photos, then you might be cumming all over your sheets on this one. 

I’ve to admit that these are definitely not my thing. But even if I know they’re edited, I can’t help but get a huge boner. So I guess, these are pretty good wank stuff for a lonely night.

CelebJihad has revenge porn

Revenge porn — yep, you read that right. This is exactly the reason why CelebJihad is booming online. Instead of simply posting original vids of gorgeous big-boob women, the people running this website decided to upload loads of leaked pics and stolen clips of famous ladies to attract ad revenue. That’s not cool at all, right? 

The people following the platform are leaving troll comments as well. Although I’ve seen some pretty funny comments on some blog posts, most of them are just young people who got nothing to do but troll each other for the heck of it. 

CelebJihad’s overall design

Honestly, CelebJihad’s web design can use some improvement. It might be working as they planned, but it’s not that aesthetically pleasing. 

What I mean here is, they should do something about the site being sloppy. Finding specific celebrities and videos is pretty easy but I think that’s the only thing that’s done well. 

Some stuff I don’t really like on CelebJihad is the fact they don’t have preview thumbnails, and they have a poor layout. I even had a hard time searching for the quality blogs I want to check out. 

Moreover, every time I click on a link, it directs me to a new window which is kinda annoying. The original tab also switches to some spam website or a cam site I’ve never heard of. How inconvenient, right? 

Luckily, before I visited CelebJihad, I made sure to check if my firewall is perfectly working, so I’m confident that my computer won’t get infected. But if you only have basic malware protection, then chances are, your computer might get fucked up after browsing the site for a couple of minutes. 

Some responses to CelebJihad

As of this writing, CelebJihad already received tons of lawsuits from different lawyers all over the world. According to what I’ve heard, the owner of the platform is located outside United States (but they’re prolly not in Afghanistan). 

I’ve read some rumors that the domain of this website might be subpoenaed. So if I were you, I might check it out as soon as I can before it permanently shuts down. I know I’ve been telling you some negative stuff about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out. 

Here’s my final say

CelebJihad is not a perfect platform, but I’m pretty sure it can still entertain some people. It contains parody and profane content that I admit it’s pretty funny. In fact, I found some of the photoshopped images rather clever. 

It has a few clickbait posts made to entice the readers to get in. But despite that, I think the majority of posts here are actually good. And because of that, I think I could say I can add this to the list of the best celeb destinations online

Also, we can’t deny they’re really good. I mean, they’ve managed to stay online for quite long even if there are lots of people trying to take them down because of their controversial content. That alone is enough reason to visit CelebJihad from time to time. 

So yeah, visit it now while it’s still standing on its ground. I doubt you’ll be disappointed with the stuff you might find at the other side. 

Pros vs Cons

  • Some of the satire are pretty funny
  • Leaked sex tapes
  • Lots of celebrities
  • Not-so-good web design
  • Low-quality stolen videos
  • Weird Muslim memes

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