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Avery Black Review

Once you go Avery Black, you’re never going back!

This self-booking, Oakland-raiding Fil-Am babe is someone you want to hook up with when you are in search of exotic flavors!

It seems like a stereotype for every person of Filipino descent to have tattoos. While it’s a local tradition back there in the southeast, it seems to have carried over to North America!

We’re not here to talk about body art though. The purpose of right now is to make sure I am able to share with you some of Twitter’s NSFW stuff which includes some Avery Black adult content!

Who is this Asian hottie on Twitter? Let’s talk about her.

@AveryBlack on Twitter

Every Avery Black picture on her Twitter feed seems like a sexy photoshoot rather than porn. That’s because she’s very active on OnlyFans and these are some of her teasers for her exclusive stuff online.

I’m a huge fan of what this exotic babe posts out there! She’s someone I would look for first if I visit Asia but since she’s in North America, lucky me as I just need to be one of her loyal girls!

I don’t care if she got through America through her parents or married her way into the country. I care more about what she does and how well she does it!

It may sound weird but being proud of their roots can be such a turn-on factor too! We all got used to chasing clout without being too patriotic at heart that I just want to reward Avery with a good fucking!

How good is her Twitter account?

As I said, Avery’s Twitter feed is filled with sexy teasing shoots that will make you wish you can enjoy her that way all the time. What else can we find on her feed? Some of her porn snaps are worth the fap!

Her close-up shots may seem to look like she’s a ladyboy at first but since she didn’t indicate such and her pussy is clearly natural, it’s safe to say it’s just that exotic look you’d wish you have the chance to fuck!

You might be waiting for me to give you a seal of approval at this point. It’s safe to say she earned it!

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