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Ashley Lane Review

I have heard the name Ashley Lane a lot but kept the curiosity on hold because there’s just a bunch of pornstars to talk about and enjoy. Following AshleyLaneXXX on Twitter turned out to be a good decision though!

Dear Ashley here is someone that you wish you’d see as well because once you watch her, it’s hard to go back! Good thing she’s willing to bare more than enough on her socials and that’s something we all dig!

Pedestal treatment? I’m not a fan of it but we need to put AshleyLaneXXX here for the sake of good talk!

@AshleyLaneXXX on Twitter

I really appreciate Ashley regardless of what she posts on her Twitter account. Whether it’s porn snippets, nudes, or plain pics of her smiling on a bikini. I certainly still want to fuck her hard!

If I am to have a sustainable relationship with an adult entertainer, I choose Ashley Lane because she seems like she can pull off a wholesome image to those PTA meetings. That’s until a pervert cheater of a dad discovers her background and hits on her. Well, I’m secure enough to know I’m a better catch!

I actually spent all day scrolling through her Twitter feed as I looked like an investigator trying to find out what she does in a day. Well, for one, it’s something we also wish we had in our life. Someone as hot as Ashley can be a head-turner even on the feeds.

How good is her Twitter account?

Her Twitter account is really an extension of both her spontaneous life and her porn side. That’s a good balance if you ask me and that’s something I wish I can share with you if you haven’t heard about her just yet!

If you’re thinking about couple of goals with a pornstar, then dear Ashley might be the right one for you. If not though, you can always stick to fapping because she’s that darn good!

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