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Sankaku Review

Are you looking for an online place that can offer you hentai at its best? If you are, then you might want to give way to Sankaku or If you ask me, I think hentai is one of the best types of adult entertainment in the porno world. You know, animations, GIFs, pictures, and everything in between. 

Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything else that can get my dick rock hard than seeing my favorite anime bombshell getting railed. Oh, yes, just give it all to me— all the kinky fetish content like ecchi, lesbian, BDSM, monster, and tentacle porno. I’d happily devour them one after the other. I’ve to admit— I really can’t get enough of that stuff. 

Here, you can watch all the crazy stuff that your regular porn might never achieve. Yes, sure, pornstars like Riley Reid are freaking hot but you might want to get back to me when you see her getting milked and banged by a dozen tentacles. Well, then maybe, just maybe, I’ll hear you out. 

Apparently, you’re here reading this review because you’re craving for big boob hentai goddess like I do. Welcome to the club, man— fist bump!

I know there are a good number of adult sites to satiate your daily hentai fix. However, the question is: Can they give you exactly the things you crave? The team behind Sankaku decided to focus on short-form animations or videos, pictures, and GIFs. So if you’re into full-length clips, then you might have to find other platforms that can offer full-on hentai movies. 

Let me tell you this: Sankaku is one hell of a site that some people even call it “the beast”. It’s a chan type of website but it might work differently than you expect. Instead of having multiple places and boards to post and discuss topics, you get a huge imageboard with tags that can help you browse its content. 

That said, I think it’s better to compare it with Imgur than with 4chan— it really is a beast! As a matter of fact, it entices over 35 million horny weebs every single month. I guess that makes it one of the largest hentai imageboard sites all over the internet. 

Now, let’s go down the rabbit hole to see what kind of magic it has in store for us. 

Sankaku has a very straightforward design

Before I entered the site, I didn’t expect too much as I know it’s a chan type of site. Well, I’m really glad I didn’t get my hopes up as all I saw were orange texts and accents on a plain white background. It’s not that awful as I’ve seen worse. 

The good thing here is they have well-organized menus. I guess my only complaint is the platform being too bright. If you can’t take all those brightly-colored stuff, then you might want to check out its beta option instead. Just look for the tab on the header. 

And man, this beta version is freaking awesome. I mean, it’s sleek as fuck. It has tucked away menus, bigger image previews, and a nice dark theme. I guess it’s trying to catch up with the latest trend on social media. If Facebook and YouTube can have dark themes, then Sankaku can have it too. 

Although it was only the beta version, I can say it’s an awesome platform. Let’s keep our fingers crossed they’ll decide to stick with that design. But since this dark-themed interface isn’t official yet, I think I’ll just focus on the main version for this review to avoid confusion. 

Sankaku has massive options for browsing hentai pics and vids

When it’s your first time visiting Sankaku, you might feel their homepage is too much to take. But once you start using it, you might realize it’s actually very user-friendly. 

On the header, I found several options like Beta, Forum, Wiki, Pools, Tags, Notes, Rankings, and Posts. What I like about the header is every single option has its own set of sub-options for better organization. 

In Posts, it’s quite similar to any other image site on the Web with its plain old regular browsing option. On Sankaku, you can organize your feed based on popularity, view your own uploads or comments, and subscribe to your preferred posters to have a customized feed. 

In Notes, you can get a whole feed of pics together with English translations. You can see those on speech bubbles on particular images. If you ask me, I think that can already take this platform to the next level. It’s like coming over to your girl’s place, and she inserts a tail plug inside her ass before you bang her doggy style. All I’m saying here is, the little things do matter. 

In Rankings, it’s pretty simple. It allows you to sort the materials according to copyrights, characters, the highest quality artists, or most popular artists. 

Basically, everything on the header is straightforward except for the “Pools” tab. When you click on that option, you can access user-created folders with certain themes. Some I saw were League of Legends Vore and fellatio vids. What’s great about this is other users can contribute their content to those folders. And you prolly want to do that, right? Some of you might even have an extra hard drive in your drawer intended for your favorite hentai. 

Sankaku tags can get you hundreds if not thousands of results

Below the header, I saw several sexy images of hentai babes doing all the kinky stuff you can imagine. The first row features some of the most popular photos while the succeeding rows showcase the most recently uploaded pics and vids. 

If you want an easy way to browse Sankaku’s content, just scroll down to check out its endless offerings. You can even lean back and start fapping on the hentai goddesses you see on the screen. 

However, if you prefer a more curated experience, then you can utilize the left-hand sidebar to customize your search. You can enter various keywords such as “bukkake” or key in the name of your favorite waifu to get tons of results. 

Also, the advanced search feature can give you more options to choose from like excluding tags you’re not really fond of, rating, megapixels, and image size. That’s very convenient, right? But what really blew my mind was the fact that it gave me a myriad of results. In fact, each tag includes a good number of pictures and clips you can fap on. For instance, BDSM gave me more than 140 thousand results. Yum!

Sankaku has extreme content too

As you might already know, most hentai sites shy away from extreme content. But good news— Sankaku is very unlike them. 

I guess I should say that you might have to be extra careful as you might see any sorts of content here. That means you might discover materials that aren’t really your thing so you might have to watch out for that. 

If you don’t like particular topics such as torture hentai, scat, guro, and loli, then go ahead and add those tags to your restricted list. Doing so can prevent those stuff from popping up in your feed. So yeah, you can enjoy a customized feed away from those intense hentai pornos.

But of course, if you’re like me who isn’t bothered by extreme content, then you might be really happy to be on Sankaku. 

In each image, you can see a small preview that doesn’t have much information at all. I mean, I don’t think we can blame them as Sankaku contains millions of photos and flicks. It can be hard to label them one by one. But don’t fret because when you hover your cursor over your desired content, it can show you everything you need. You know, the poster, author, and file type. 

On top of that, you might never feel disappointed about the quality of its materials. There are numerous images available and you can even get art from almost every renowned hentai artist out there. If you find stuff you really like, you can always save those videos and pictures on your computer if you want. 

One of the things I really like about Sankaku is it doesn’t require you to get a membership or something. That means you can view and download any content you like without spending an arm and a leg for a premium subscription. 

However, the clips here aren’t full-on hentai episodes as it’s more of a WebM style deal. The short vids run to up to a few minutes and are usually created by fans. Sometimes they’re created with audio so you can hear those sexy gals moan while riding some monster dick. 

Sankaku has a mobile site in beta version

Just like the desktop site, the mobile site isn’t that attractive. Well, you might want to smash that Beta button to enjoy all the good stuff. With the beta version, you can add it to your desktop and browse Sankaku anytime you want with ease. 

If you ask me, I think the beta mobile site is freaking great and works well. The design is very user-friendly, sleek, and scaled perfectly for mobile. It can be easy for you to flip through the erotic images of anime hotties. There are even buttons you can click to help you easily save content on your device. 

Another awesome feature I like on both mobile and desktop is it has a safe mode you can enable when you’re planning to look at SFW pics and vids. 

Things I like about Sankaku

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface of this hentai platform. At this point, I think I consider every feature of Sankaku as my favorite. So yeah, I guess I’ll keep this part short. 

If I’m going to pick the most fantastic feature, I think it’s the variety of content it can offer. There are tons of GIFs, images, and clips that are surely good for a night of fapping. 

Moreover, it doesn’t censor any uploads like what other websites do. Sankaku can be your perfect go-to site if you have a dark and twisted fetish for hentai. 

Things that can use some improvements on Sankaku

I think the team behind this platform shouldn’t hesitate one bit and launch that beta version ASAP. I mean, it’s a no-brainer as it’s definitely better than the standard site. However, I’m not saying that the standard website is not good as it’s freaking great as well. 

Other than that, I think I have no other complaints. I might not have covered all the areas of Sankaku but I guess you can discover that yourself. And I believe it’s going to be magnificent like the other features I’ve told you about. 

Here’s my final say

Overall, Sankaku is an amazing platform. Well, I guess you might be already expecting I’d say that. As a matter of fact, this might be one of my favorites. I mean, who wouldn’t love Sankaku when it has everything I can ever wish for a hentai site. I guess every waifu-loving degenerate might go crazy when they stumble upon this online place. 

One of its greatest features is it’s free. Yes, you read that right— it’s totally free. I think it’s safe to say it’s the total package when it comes to hentai platforms. It might even be too good to be true but you better believe it. 

Lastly, you can download the HD pictures and you can save as many as you want on your device. That means Sankaku offers limitless downloads. There are even fetish-filled clips you can download without the hassles. And of course, let’s not forget about the mobile site which is also freaking great. 

Well, I guess I don’t have anything more to say now. If Sankaku piqued your interest, then feel free to visit the site whenever you want and jerk off to its libidinous contents. 

Yeah, you’re welcome!

Pros vs Cons

  • It's completely free
  • Plenty of search options
  • Millions of content
  • Has a bright-colored design
  • It hasn't launched it's beta version yet
  • Too many content that can drain your energy every single day

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