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NastyRat Review

Are you looking for free sex movies? Don’t be shy as I’m looking for stuff like these myself. Yes, sure, I’m willing to spend an arm and a leg to get my daily porn fix but nothing beats free porno. With those, you can fap to your private parts’ desires without draining your wallet dry. 

Fortunately, I stumbled upon NastyRat. It’s a porn tube site that lets you watch erotic films without spending a dime. Honestly, when I found this, I feel like I’ve nothing more to ask for. It contains most of the popular porn niches that have satisfied me a lot during my stay. 

If you’re quite the picky perv, I’m pretty sure this platform got you covered. It has everything from Indian to Vintage porn and from teens to granny. 

Kudos to the developers of the website for staying true to their claims. When they said it was free, they delivered. 

So I guess it’s now time to explore NastyRat and the non-stop porn action waiting for us. Apparently, your hand will be quite busy from now on. *wink*

NastyRat is an old site

One thing you might need to know about this website is it’s prolly older than most of the popular tube sites right now on the internet. It was created in 2000 which makes it two decades old. I guess it’s officially an adult now, huh?

Back in the days, NastyRat got lots of attention. Well, I think that’s because there are only a few adult entertainment platforms back then. 

I’ve to admit that I’m still a bit attached to this site because I grew up with it. I still remember jerking off to its photo sets and short video clips. Aah… I feel nostalgic right now.

From the year 2000 to 2006, horny bastards like me are trigger-happy with watching short flicks that run from 10 to 30 seconds. Yeah, it’s like a quickie but we didn’t complain as those are the only ones we got. At least, it was better than ogling at half-naked babes in magazines. 

As for the photo sets, I think nothing much changed except for the quality of course. With more advanced cameras these days, we can clearly see wet pussies and perky boobies without zooming in. 

During that time, it was impossible to upload 1000 full porn videos on a website. That’s why we’re happy and satisfied with just a few free clips available. 

However, NastyRat might not be getting much attention today as it used to. Luckily, that didn’t stop the team behind this platform to continue uploading the goodies. Whoever the owner of this online place is, he sure has an eye for details and an unwavering passion for pornography. 

What I really like about this site is the community that signed up as contributors have lasted through the years. Also, the videos posted on this platform are custom clips created by adult webmasters. 

Once the contributors have sent the films to NastyRat, the owner will manually pick which ones will be listed. That’s a lot of work, but I guess, they just want to give their viewers nothing but the best. So yeah, if you love handpicked clips, then this can be your go-to place online–yeah!

The qualities of the videos here are not less than 720p. As a matter of fact, I won’t be surprised if they start streaming 4k flicks soon. That’d be awesome, right? 

NastyRat homepage analysis

This website looks like any other site on the Web. But I guess the best thing about it is its simple and well-organized interface. 

At the top of the page, I saw the NastyRat banner with a cartoon-drawing of a green rat showing two thumbs up. It seems like it’s very happy to represent the platform. Under the name of the site, it says “The only bookmark you need”. Well, I feel like they’re right as this adult online place got everything I need. 

Below that are the different tabs which are Home, Porn Videos, Sex Pictures, Categories, Pornstars, Channels, Members, and Live Cams. See? You got a lot to choose from which is totally a plus for me. 

It’s also nice that the contents are organized into different sections on the homepage. Some sections I saw were Hot Porn Videos, Free Sex Pictures, and Newest XXX Movies. If that doesn’t provide convenience, then I don’t know what will. 

Here’s my final say

If you want a nice and clean site that offers free sex movies, then you might want to bookmark NastyRat right now. It can make your fap sessions worry-free as you don’t need to spend your hard-earned money anymore. 

Pros vs Cons

  • Easy to navigate site
  • High quality videos
  • Large community to interact with
  • No vids submitted by real models
  • No social channels
  • A bit outdated

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