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OnlyFans Review

Oh, OnlyFans! You guys have heard a lot about this adult entertainment social media platform. Mostly good things.

One good thing about this digital age is the fact that even bonafide porn stars have become quite the entrepreneur with their names. That said, there’s a bunch of other content that the porn studios don’t hold.

In fact, things are more exclusive on OnlyFans! It has also become a place where Instagram models take things quite a bit raunchy.

It’s not all hype. there’s over 2o million of us right now enjoying this website. Now is the time I help expand that reach.

“Follow me on OnlyFans”

You’d often see your favorite adult entertainer say this. That’s because they have a chance to get closer to their fans behind studio curtains. Exclusive content is the name of the game here as some stars just want to expand their creativity.

You can consider it the home of the fetishes too because some of your favorite porn stars just want to do what you wish them to for a fee. That’s the reason they love this platform.

Aside from the paid subscription the models on OnlyFans charge, they can even do wilder things for a price. That means you can ask them to dip their feet in slime or pour chocolate sauce over their body for $10. That fee is subject to change depending on the model though.

You’ll also set your location, website URL if you’ve got one, and your profile and header photo. “Profile images must not contain nudity or explicit material,” the text reads. That’s fine for now, but I better see some titties once you let me in.

Where’s the porn?

One thing about OnlyFans is it isn’t a porn site despite the adult entertainment that goes on. I’m not really sure if it was meant to be a sex platform but it’s safe to say a lot of adult models and cam girls sell their craft through here.

You might have been expecting a bunch of blowjobs and dildo playing but that’s something that will be sent directly to you upon request. It’s pretty much a game for simps because obviously, these girls aren’t giving you any upfront.

It’s like a glorified stripper’s platform here because you need to pay to make them do something. Maybe a glorified cam girl platform too because they can decline full nudity unless they get paid a celebrity’s fortune.

In addition, if you are looking for specific model who does 18+exclusive shows, feel free to use onlyfans porn searcher site such as Fansmate.

Ultimate simps platform

If you are into the machismo content in YouTube and quotes, you may have come across alpha dudes calling OnlyFans users simps. Let’s just put it the way it is.

Still, it’s better used as a fetish site rather than a place where you pay thinking you have a chance to make the model your girlfriend. You aren’t special even if you pay thousands of dollars. Chances are that other dudes are paying the same model twice as much!

I’m not here to debunk or shit on OnlyFans though. I’m just explaining that in my own personal experience, I used it more as a way to request fetishes out of my favorite adult entertainment personalities rather than treat it as a daily regular date.

Honest thoughts on OnlyFans

The site takes some market shares from Twitter and Instagram because some of the models do their plugging there. Other famous pornstars don’t need to but still do though!

As much as I’m entertained with the stuff I see here, it’s not a place I would want to throw my money on especially since the populalr ones charge a fortune which I can afford but not worth the cost.

One other thing to note is that OnlyFans isn’t a place to search for people. It’s usually a link you follow to a certain models’ profile and subscribe to them for a fee. It’s pretty much the Patreon of porn.

Another similar platform I can compare this to is Secret Society which is one place I tried too. Call it the sexual Instagram because if nudity is blocked there, maybe OnlyFans is a safer platform to solicit.

Just remember to pay the price!

Pros vs Cons

  • Free Membership
  • Better adult-themed interaction
  • Good mobile optimization
  • Costs can pile up depending on subscription
  • More link-heavy than searches

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