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BimBim Review

BimBim! It sounds like a social media notification, right? Well, it’s an adult social media platform so you’re right!

I think you’ll get what it’s all about on the onset. It’s pretty much straightforward when it comes to what it wants to show. That’s why the tens of thousands of visitors they get in a day tend to stay.

I’m going to talk more about things as we move on with the rest of this piece.

Powered by LiveJasmin

If there’s one thing OnlyFans opened the eyes of many to, it’s the fact that there’s already such a thing as a social media porn site!

BimBim is powered by LiveJasmin and you will notice that if you are a fan of the cam site. this one shares pretty much the same layourt and colorway, only sexier.

Red seems to be the color of passion and you will see it in these models and pretty faces on the homepage. If the adult cam version is more live, here’s the place for all your filmed requests.

Landing on BimBim

I can easily fap to the hotness that emerged upon landing! I was met with a bunch of models straight up and when I clicked on one, I was directly brought to the live show since these are girls who are online at the moment.

I don’t see the difference from its mother site at first but it’s safe to say that it’s LiveJasmin‚Äôs way of cutting some of the saturation on their main platform.

Registration and membership

Registration was as quick and easy as the main site. In fact, BimBim even gave me 30 free credits just because I fell for their upsell. You might fall into a trap if you are bad with numbers though.

What makes it like a social media site is the part where you can search for trending models, as well as unlock other features such as a Facebook-styled story feature that acts as the adult version of My Day.

There’s a lot of bait here too which is why I had to force myself to sign up even if I didn’t need to.

Enjoying the BimBim platform

I got to unlock a bunch of spontaneous “My Days” from these models. It’s filled with twerks and teases because how else are you going to support these models? They just like plugging their NSFW stuff here!

I enjoyed scanning the platforms too because that’s where the actual fun lies. I got to see more videos other than the ones presented to me upfront. One was even giving a free lingerie show upfront!

Boobs and ass are my things and it’s safe to say I saw more upfront material of such here on BimBim rather than on LiveJasmin. It’s that or maybe it was just my lucky day when I visited.

Just like Facebook donations, BimBim has a subscribe button that says SUPPORT ME. It’s one way to get some porno out if social media, right?

Final thoughts

I understand that BimBim is fairly new. That said, there are still areas of improvement especially with its bandwidth. That’s a testament to its growing user base because a low-bandwidth site with a popular stream tends to lag when many users are viewing.

It’s safe to say that LiveJasmin might be competing with the OnlyFans and Secret Societies of adult entertainment. These girls making DIY fetish videos are gaining some traction!

Just keep your wallets ready because if you are a simp for social media porn, then maybe you can show BimBim some love here!

Pros vs Cons

  • Free credits upon signing up
  • Hot models from LiveJasmin
  • Generous with free content
  • Bandwidth needs to be increased
  • Needs to add download feature

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