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How to Have Sex with a Pornstar – Guide

How to Have Sex with a Pornstar – Guide

The film “The Girl Next Door” gave us an idea that we average joes have a chance to snag a pornstar. Well, good news because you can have pornstar sex!

Surprisingly, you can hire a recognized porn star you see on your premium porn site for as low as $500. You have to keep in mind too that since they are starlets, the competition for their service is tight. There might even be a chance that the clients compete more than the actual pornstars.

Good thing we are deeply connected to the industry that’s why we can share with you the info we have gathered on how to have sex with a pornstar.

Be ready to pay of course!

paying pornstar

The only way she’s going to have sex with you for free is if you are her boyfriend or her husband. Otherwise, you’re going to have to pay for that wannabe porn star experience.

We already said that competition to have sex with your favorite AV idol is tough. There are a lot of men willing to pay more than your max budget.

To give you a ballpark, you might have to pay around $2500 to $3000 an hour. That was a decade ago so you can just imagine how much it is today. Well, there’s still the $500 ones but don’t expect your friends to envy you if you brag about it.

Porn stars moonlight as escorts when the cameras stop rolling. It probably pays more than their actual livelihood. Don’t expect them to pull double-duty on their pussies without being compensated for what it’s worth.

Maybe if you saved up your cash instead of the monthly premium porn subscriptions you can afford pornstar sex every once in a while and looks more gratifying than daily masturbation.

Treat them with respect

respecting a pornstar

It’s bad enough that they get violated by fapping jerks all over the internet but if you can’t respect them the way you respect a girlfriend you have sex with, they might decide that it isn’t worth the money you’ll pay.

Besides, there are universal guidelines that you must follow when booking a pornstar for sex. It’s still considered escort service at the end of the day.

You aren’t a porn actor so don’t treat them like they are in porn videos. That’s for artistic purposes only. You’re just a client who dreams of such life.

Anyway, here are some primary concerns that pornstars have and you should consider as well:

  • Protection from the law since prostitution is illegal in some states
  • Protection from Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • They dictate the terms that you have to abide by
  • Their protection against harassment
  • Their identity

Treat a pornstar with respect and you might be their priority every time they find out that it’s you who’s booking them.

Book an appointment

You have to book them to have sex with them. There are websites dedicated to scheduling you for an escort-type appointment.

For some, you have to reach out to their managers from an XXX agency to get to them. Each city has its go-to well-known porn stars so you’ll have to expect a long queue, especially when you know how to read through some wholesome classified ads.

Some pornstars are high-budget that they can afford to put up their website where they take payments and screen their prospective clients. We’re predicting that there might be an uber for these types of services soon.

Right now, stick to the traditional types of booking for pornstar sex.

Schedule it ahead

pornstar schedule

You can’t book a filled schedule. That’s why it’s important to schedule your booking ahead of your desired date. These are fantasy fulfillers so you can expect a month or two worth of queues.

Sometimes it is inevitable to throw the pickiness out of the window when you’ve lost hope. Then, you settle with the D-listers that look like borderline crackhead hookers. That’s why it’s better of you schedule ahead.

We’ve already given you the ways you can schedule a booking. It’s time to book now if you plan to have pornstar sex in a month or two.

The screening process

Just because you have all the money in the world to throw, it doesn’t mean you can easily have sex with any pornstar you want. These women are still human beings and want to be treated as one.

They’re going to check you out for possible red flags because ignoring it might cost them their dignity or worse, their own precious life.

That’s why it’s important to be authentic and make your intentions clear. Be reminded that you can still go to jail even if prostitution is legal in your area.

Accept the fact that she might refuse to accept your booking. Having sex with a stranger is already dangerous enough. They just want to lessen the scare factor.

Be mindful of reviews

How many times have we heard stories where a D-List pornstar had gone crackhead hooker and rob you of your cash? Sometimes even the escort service that manages them condones this since they also get a bigger cut.

Be mindful of the escort reviews and only choose one that has very high trust ratings. Treat it like a restaurant or club that you read reviews first before visiting.

These people didn’t pay cheap to fuck a pornstar so you can expect to hear from them if they didn’t like their experience.

Also, keep in mind that some reviews may be biased and inaccurate. Use your best judgment.

Use protection

use protection

If you’re doing it while hooking up with a non-pornstar, more so that you should with a person that has sex for a living.

Wrap your thing up if you want to protect it from HIV and STDs. Of course, the last thing you will want is to impregnate a pornstar too. You might end up paying more money for child support if she decides to have it.

Having sex with your bare dick is like courting for trouble.

Just go with it

These girls dictate their terms so you need to just go with it. Don’t feel too intimidated by their status and recognition that your thing doesn’t stand up at all during the entire time.

Having pornstar sex is always on borrowed time so you have to make every second count. Just go with it like you normally do when you have sex.

Sometimes it’s better to let them lead since the experience will always be on their side.

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